About us: How it all started

Welcome – we are glad that you are interested in our very personal story! We are “The Last Party” and in the following, we would like to introduce you to our career.

Who is behind the website?

The owner and operator is, Max. However, there are many more creative minds behind it:

  • Ideas for our content come from Max, idea providers and friends. Namely these are Benni, Max, Gerda, Daniel, Niklas, Hagen, Antonia and Sarah. The maintenance of the website is done by myself or co-workers. Also external collaborators contribute, so when it comes to the technology or the design.
  • A few lines about the owner: Maximilian Hitzler, originally from the Stuttgart area, lived in Munich for over 10 years, before that in Cape Town, Bali, some places in Thailand and loves to travel. Professionally on the internet and always wanted to be his own boss. He has been running websites for over 10 years and has worked in marketing for startups and large companies.
Maximilian Hitzler The-Last-Party.com
Max from The-Last-Party.com celebration in Lissabon | ©the-last-party.com

What makes us experts

  • We know the Bachelor Party market for over 10 years and observe the development very closely: program offers, customer wishes, prices, development in individual cities….
  • We have already planned countless bachelor parties. These were the Bachelor Party of direct friends, tips for acquaintances, requests from clients, etc.
  • We have attention to detail. That means we really put effort and love into our content. For a subpage, we sit sometimes over 10 hours in front of the computer. Just for you ❤️.
  • We are not children of sadness. If you knew what kind of shit we have already built together – and the best ideas came out of it! Real stories are hiding here… aren’t they? 😉
  • … have gone down the hill on a garbage can
    • … have knocked over a cow
    • … were woken up by the fire department
    • … survived a rum infusion in the sauna (but not the leg hair)
    • … shot with a Kalashnikov at “targets
    • … woke up between beautiful strange women
    • … ridden with a tank
    • …many stories, which serve us as a source of ideas for our program!
  • We are Europeans at heart: We have already celebrated almost everywhere – and can therefore also provide insights about these cities: Prague, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Mallorca, Dresden, Frankfurt, Dublin, London…. we could extend the list countless times, but you still have something to do today, don’t you? 😉

Our very personal goal

The thing is very simple for us: We want to offer the BEST bachelor party page! We are less about making money, but about the fact that you say at the end: Cool! I have learned everything I need, we now know what to do at the bachelor party and will have a nice celebration!

  • Ideas for beginners: You get all the information from A to Z with us. So even if you hear “bachelor party” today for the first time, you can plan a bachelor party tomorrow!
  • Creative: If you are looking for 0815, then you should better visit our competitors. We offer fresh ideas for him and her!
  • Free: This is probably one of the biggest differences to many other sites. We present ideas and you can book them directly with the provider and get their contact details. And that WITHOUT us getting rich off it!

Our background

2010 – the idea

  • The idea for this website was born in 2010, after several bachelor parties were already successfully planned and completed. Why not actually do it yourself?
  • Because the offer was / is not optimal from our point of view: On the one hand, there are websites where crappy program ideas are sold at horrendous prices, and on the other hand, clumsy sites whose only advice is to go to a strip club in a bunny costume #facepalm.

2011 – we are online

  • Under the domain junggesellenabschied-ideen.info we offer ideas how to have fun in different cities.
  • And each according to his own taste: stylish without Bachelor Party games and humid-happy escapades or in Hangover manner with all the trimmings.
  • It’s all up to you: plan everything yourself, use our tips free of charge and make reservations & co. or let us plan it for you (for a fee).

2011 – 2020 – Care & Care & Care

  • We constantly expanded our content, improve it update it and and. A whole lot of work, but it’s fun!
  • Of course, the display on mobile devices also wants to be optimized.
  • Accordingly, we also constantly adapt our design.

2020: The Last Party!

  • This year 2020 is a year of change. Corona changes everything, of course also in the travel market.
  • We take the year but again to raise our site to a new level and also to change the domain!
  • Our content can now be found at the-last-party.com!

Stay tuned, we certainly have more to offer!

LG Max & das The-Last-Party Team!