The stag night often takes place where there is something going on: in a big city, with parties, action and entertainment. But there is also the desire to stay among friends and choose accommodation in a remote location.

However, with both options, you need to ask yourself how you will ensure arrival and departure as well as mobility on site. We present the most popular options.


  • Are you celebrating in a nearby city? Then you’ll be ready in no time, hop on the S-Bahn/bus and you’re done.
  • If you’re further away, you should plan better: this way you can travel together and it will be cheaper
  • Once you’re there, simply use public transport, which saves money and is sufficient.
Arrival stag night
Arrival and departure to the bacheelor party | ©PAstudio –

Arrival and departure

There are two main factors that play a role when traveling to the venue: the distance and the budget. You should decide depending on these. To make your decision easier, we have prepared a small comparison:

Type of tripCostComfortFlexibility
Long-distance bus➕➕➕
Stag night travel options in comparison: ➕➕➕➕ = good | ➕➕ = medium | ➕ = bad
  • Cost: How expensive is the means of transportation?
  • Comfort: How comfortable is it, how active do you have to be?
  • Flexibility: Do you have to stick to times or are there options?


For distances of several 100 kilometers, traveling by plane is definitely an option. But only then, because otherwise you have many disadvantages: You usually need longer by plane, it is more stressful (check in etc.), more expensive and not exactly environmentally friendly. Make sure you book early, otherwise the prices will rise and you will unnecessarily pay too much.

If several people are traveling the same route, we would also advise you to choose a different form of travel. Because you can save a bit and it is entertaining to travel in a group anyway. Cost: Depending on the distance, around €100 to €250. It’s best to check the connection:

By train

Basically, the train is an option for distances of 10 to 500 kilometers – as long as the connection is not too bad. Traveling by train is comfortable, you can close your eyes and take a nap, watch a movie or read a book. There are cheaper methods, but the mix of comfort and low costs is really fair.

The train is also a good option if you are traveling in a group. For example, you can book a compartment. Cost: €20 to €70 depending on the distance. Check the connection:

By car

In principle, you can travel distances of between 10 and 300 kilometers by car without too much stress. Nevertheless, traveling by car is not exactly our favorite: You have to concentrate, even on the return journey after a heavy party. The costs are probably not exactly lower, unless you can carpool.

The advantage, of course, is that you’re not tied down, so you can leave exactly when you want to. You also drive from door to door and hardly have to worry about anything. Cost depending on distance: €10 to €50

Long-distance bus

Traveling to and from your destination by long-distance bus is certainly the cheapest option. You often only pay a few euros, even for longer distances. There are actually connections throughout Europe and you will find something suitable for almost all major cities. The comfort is average, depending on how full the coach is. On the other hand, you don’t have to pay attention to the road and can take a nap or watch a movie.

Of course you have to check the connections and see if there is a suitable one. Cost depending on distance: 10€ – 25€. It’s best to check the connection and the prices:

Mobility on site

You should also think about your mobility on site. After all, you will be doing something and have to get to the program points.

PS: We do not list a rental car as an option, as you will certainly not necessarily be fit to drive ;-).

Public transportation

You will find public transportation in every major city. And the service is usually perfectly adequate. It is only in the early hours of the morning that they may not run, in which case you can take a cab.

It’s best to buy group tickets, as this saves money. But be careful: it’s easier to get lost in the evening and you’ll have to be careful not to get lost without a ticket.

Cab & Uber

Of course, cabs and other transportation services are also an option. Especially if you are traveling in larger groups, this is often only a few euros more expensive. You should check this out, as it is more convenient and you are even more flexible!

Tip: If you are traveling abroad, it can be even easier to use Uber or other transport services. You know the price beforehand and won ‘t be ripped off!

Hire a limousine

Would you like to experience something special and treat yourself? Then of course you can also hire a stretch limousine with driver. You normally hire them by the hour. You can choose your own music, drinks should be arranged in advance. It is not always possible to bring your own drinks, but they are sometimes included.

Tip: If you want to spice up the ride a little, there is usually the option of inviting a stripper into the limo! However, this comes at a price – a stretch limousine costs around €150 per hour.


As far as the arrival and departure are concerned, everyone has to plan a little for themselves. Unless you are all traveling together from one place to another. In our opinion, the train is the best option. It’s comfortable, reasonably quick and not too expensive.

On site, we would recommend that you use public transport as much as possible. Other options are unnecessarily expensive and don’t really offer much added value, except for group cabs, which you should check out.

If you want something special, then treat yourself to a limousine. But here, too, we have to say: it’s even better to do something special and save yourself these costs and invest the money in a good drink instead!