You want to celebrate a legendary bachelor party? It takes more than just a few drinks and snacks – bachelor party games can also spice up the day. So why not incorporate some fun games and tasks into the program? But when and how do they come into play? Which games are popular?

Don’t worry, we’ll clear things up – get ready, we’ll show you games and offer tips so your bachelor party will be fun and exciting!

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Why do bachelor party games actually exist?

There are many reasons why bachelor party games are an essential part of the celebration, the essential ones being:

Fun: this is the most obvious reason. Games bring people together, they laugh and enjoy time together. They create an atmosphere of exuberance and joy, which is essential to have a really good bachelor party.

Task/Test Before Marriage: Traditionally, the games and challenges at a hen night are a kind of “test” or “ritual” that the bachelor or bachelorette must go through before he or she takes on the responsibility of marriage. It is a sort of symbolic “final test” before taking the big step into married life.

To joke with the bachelor: It’s also a chance to have a little fun at the expense of the groom or bride-to-be. Many of the games are designed to get the bachelor into funny or embarrassing situations. It’s all in good fun and provides a great opportunity to take some memorable photos!

As a program item and entertainment: Stag party games also help get the party started and keep it going. They provide structure to the day or evening and ensure there is always something to do. They fill in the breaks between other activities and help avoid any sags in the mood.

Drinking games: And finally, of course, a proper bachelor party can’t be without a drinking game or two. Drinking games are a proven way to lighten the mood and create an exuberant atmosphere.

Bachelor party games table

The ultimate bachelor party games list

Now you’re spoilt for choice: which bachelor party games will you choose for yourself? We have collected many game ideas for you and categorized them in different areas, have fun browsing!

Classics & Tradition

Since bachelor parties are often very individual, classics are hard to name. Traditional is the Polterabend, although most celebrate today no longer so, or rather in the country. You could consider the stag party belly store as a classic, more on this in the following:

The polterabend: traditional tasks / rituals

At a bachelor party, which in many cultures is considered a traditional celebration before the wedding, there are also some classic games and tasks:

  1. Shards bring luck: Probably the best-known ritual at a polterabend is the smashing of porcelain or ceramics. The shards are said to bring good luck to the bride and groom, and it’s their job to sweep up everything together, symbolizing their collaboration.
  2. Tree trunk sawing: Another classic task is tree trunk sawing, where the bride and groom must work together to saw through a tree trunk with a saw. This is also meant to symbolize their cooperation.
  3. Marriage Quiz: Another classic is a quiz where the bride and groom have to answer questions about each other. This can range from simple questions about likes and dislikes to more complicated questions about their relationship history.
  4. Carriage Game: this game involves reenacting the story of how the couple met and their relationship, often with fun and exaggerated details. Each guest is given a role and must stand up and play their part as their part of the story is told.

There are other traditions at the bachelor party, but these are not used as often today. Hen night games have become much more free and flexible and following no big rules anymore.

Hawker’s tray and money making

There are some bachelorette party games where you can earn money to cover the cost of the bachelor party. Here are a few ideas:

  1. BellyBargaining: In this game, the bachelor/bachelorette carries a “hawker’s tray” full of small items that he/she must sell to passersby. This can range from candy and snacks to small toys and embarrassing items. Passersby can receive a product or service in exchange for a donation. The money raised can be used for the bachelor party. The goal is to sell everything, and often the bachelor/bachelorette must perform embarrassing or fun tasks in the process.
  2. Karaoke contest: organize a karaoke contest and ask for donations from the audience to participate or to judge the performances. Passersby can choose a song for a donation, get a drink and be well entertained.
  3. Raffleor raffle: hold a raffle or raffle with various prizes. Raffle tickets can be sold to passersby and the ticket is drawn directly. Prizes can consist of snacks, drinks, or interesting personal items of the bachelor. Also look for a “grand prize” that has some appeal. The money collected is then used for the bachelorette party.
  4. Offer services: Offer certain services such as car washing, gardening, babysitting or the like and ask for a donation for the effort. Of course, this is only a good idea if you’re celebrating in a family circle or in a small town where you know the neighbors.

Insider tips & perennial favorites

  1. Win against the Bachelor: Inspired by the popular television show, you can host your own win against the bachelor competition. Put together a series of challenges and games that pit the bachelor against the other contestants. Whether it’s trivia, games of skill, or sports challenges, it’s up to you.
  2. Bride/Groom in Peril: Here you can create some sort of obstacle course, questions, sporting tasks, knowledge questions or any other type of task that the bachelor or bachelorette must complete. It can be challenges like crossing a wobbly beam, solving a riddle , a task with passers-by or passing a test of courage. You can vary the tasks and distribute them throughout the day.
  3. Truth or dare: A well-known game that always provides entertainment. In this game, players take turns deciding whether to answer a “truth” or fulfill a “duty.” The “truths” could be personal questions, and the “duties” could be fun or challenging tasks. To keep things exciting, you can introduce a rule: A truth task may be drawn a maximum of three times, then a duty task must follow.
Stag party games at home
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Bachelor party games to play at home

Here are some bachelor party game ideas that you can do at home. We have categorized the games into different sections:

Card games/ Dice games

  1. Taboo: In this game, a player is given a card with a word on it that they must describe without using the “taboo” words that are also on the card. The challenge is to think quickly and come up with creative paraphrases so that the other players can guess the word they are looking for.
  2. Bingo: First, create bingo cards with fun tasks or events. During the game, events or tasks are named, and if they are on your card, you get to mark the corresponding box. The goal is to mark an entire row on the bingo card – either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  3. Mäxle: Each player in turn throws the two dice, hidden under a cup. The goal is to roll a higher number than the previous player. The highest combination is the “Mäxle” – a six and a one. But be careful! You may also bluff and claim a higher number than you actually rolled. If the next player does not believe the bluff, he raises the cup. If the previous player bluffed, he must drink, but if the doubter was wrong, the latter must drink.
  4. Swim: Swimming, also known as “31”, is an exciting card game that requires strategic thinking. Each player gets three cards and the goal is to achieve a combination with the highest possible score by swapping with the cards in the middle. This game requires tactical thinking, as you always have to decide whether to swap or “float”, i.e. sit out a round.
  5. Looping Louie: This game is all about skill and quick reactions. Players must prevent Louie, who is flying in circles, from knocking their chickens off the perch. By deftly pressing the catapult, players can toss Louie into the air to save their chickens. Timing is key here, and laughs are guaranteed when Louie unexpectedly takes off and carries the chickens to safety.
  6. Asshole: The object of the game is to be the first to get rid of all the cards. Players are ranked by the order in which they get rid of their cards – the first player to run out of cards becomes the “president” and the last player to have cards becomes the “asshole”. The fun part is that the roles are reassigned each round, and players try to overthrow the “president” and gain that title themselves.

Cozy games

  1. Movie Quiz: In this game, you can put your movie knowledge to the test. Someone asks questions about different movies – from classics to current hits – and the person who knows the answer first gets a point.
  2. Wedding Movie Night: Get cozy and watch wedding movies together. You can make a drinking game to go with it – for example, drink every time someone says “I love you.”
  3. Spa Day: A relaxing day full of beauty treatments might be just the thing to relieve stress before the wedding. Put on face masks, paint your nails or try out new hairstyles. Get cozy with snacks and drinks and enjoy the day.
  4. Wedding Planner Game: This game is all about planning the perfect wedding. Everyone is given a fictional budget and must plan a wedding within that budget. You can use wedding magazines for inspiration.
  5. Photo guessing: This game is a great way to reminisce and laugh together. Everyone brings an old photo of themselves and they all have to guess when the photo was taken and what the story behind it is. The most absurd stories and wildest guesses often lead to the funniest moments.
  6. Remember: In this game you test your memory and share memories. Someone names a year and everyone has to tell what they remember from that year – be it a funny anecdote, a special event or a memory they share with the bride. It’s a nice way to share common memories and learn new things about each other.
  7. Favorite Sayings: This game is about honoring mutual friends or teachers. Each participant thinks of a person you all know and tries to imitate their typical saying or mannerism. The others then have to guess who it is. This game often brings many laughs and can also be a loving tribute to people who have left their mark on you.

Games with activity

  1. Cooking Contest: Divide into teams and challenge yourselves to cook the best dish within a certain time. You can set a theme for the dishes or leave it up to the teams. At the end, there will be tastings, and the tastiest dishes will win.
  2. Karaoke Night: Karaoke night can be a lot of fun and is a great way to lighten the mood. You can choose your favorite songs and try to sing them as well as you can. The jury will decide who sang the best. Optionally, there are prizes and penalties for wrong singing.
  3. Pantomime : In this game, one player has to represent a concept without using words, while the other players have to try to guess that concept. Also known as pantomime, you must creatively represent what you want to say. You can also draw or have objects ready for this.
  4. Cocktail Mixing Contest: In this game you can show off your mixing skills. Each participant gets a chance to mix their own cocktail, and the other participants then judge the taste of the cocktail. You should just make sure to start with light cocktails ;-). Guessing ingredients is also optional.
  5. Photo Shoot: A photo shoot can be a fun and creative way to create memories. Provide different costumes and props and take photos of you in fun and creative poses. You will achieve the best result if you combine many fun designs and have variations.
  6. Wedding Dress Design: In this game, everyone gets a roll of toilet paper and the task of designing a wedding dress. This game requires a lot of creativity and is certainly a lot of fun. You can add to the game by providing scraps of fabric, pens, etc.
  7. Bake a wedding cake: Divide into teams and try to bake a mini wedding cake. You can award points for taste, appearance and creativity. Of course, it can also be cookies or cupcakes or another dish of your choice.
Stag party games hiking

Bachelor party games and tasks for the road

You can also enhance your program with bachelor party tasks on the go. Here are some bachelor party games, sorted into different categories:

Games with passersby

  1. Autograph Hunt: A game that combines communication and fun. You make a list of certain professions or characteristics of people you need to meet – for example, someone with a beard, someone in uniform, etc. – and you’ll ask these people for an autograph. If you want to make it a little nastier, the autograph must be placed on the body or an article of clothing.
  2. Photo Challenge: You create a list of specific photos that you need to take. For example, you might need a picture with a street musician, a dog, a police officer, or someone with the same first name as the bride/groom-to-be.
  3. Guess who is getting married: In this game, you ask passersby who they think is getting married. This game is especially fun when the bride or groom is not obviously marked. It’s interesting to see who looks the most “engaged.”
  4. Drinking selfies: this game is about taking as many selfies as you can while toasting passersby. The trick is to convince passersby not only to toast you, but also to take a selfie. It’s a fun and interactive way to connect with the people around you while having a lasting memory of the day.

Awkward games

  1. Stranger Hugs: Everyone in the group must try to ask strangers on the street for a hug. It’s a fun game that brings surprise and human warmth, and often elicits unexpectedly positive reactions.
  2. Selling Challenge: Everyone in the group is given a completely useless item and must try to sell it to passersby. This can be a broken pen, a single glove, or an old newspaper. The winner is the person who can actually sell their item.
  3. Stranger Kisses: The bachelor/bachelorette must try to collect kisses on the cheek from passersby.
  4. Sing me a serenade: The bachelor/bachelorette must get passersby to sing a song for him/her. The awkwardness often comes from the song itself or the fact that many people don’t like to sing in public.
  5. Best man dance: the best man has to perform an impromptu dance in public while the rest of the group claps and cheers.
  6. Makeup Me: The bachelor/bachelorette carries an assortment of makeup and asks passersby to give him/her a makeover. You can also add a twist and allow passersby to select the makeup of their choice and give the bachelor/bachelorette their own makeup.
  7. Speech: The goal of this game is to give a speech so convincing that at least ten passersby applaud. You are free to choose the topic of the speech, but of course it should be something that makes you laugh rather than cry. It can also be a good exercise in persuasion and public speaking – who knows, you may discover a previously hidden talent!

Sports games

  1. Three-legged race: Two people are tied together by one leg and must travel a set distance together as fast as possible. It requires teamwork and coordination. Required utensils: rope or ribbon.
  2. Scavenger hunt through the city: here you have to find clues and solve puzzles to get from one place to another. This activity can be a great way to explore the city in a fun and interactive way. Utensils needed: clues or puzzles created beforehand.
  3. Hike with riddles: similar to the scavenger hunt, you can incorporate riddles that need to be solved during a hike. Perhaps you can link them to the environment to get participants to look closely at their surroundings and learn more about nature. Utensils needed: prepared puzzles or clues.
  4. Workout Challenges: Set up a series of athletic tasks or exercises for participants to complete. This could be anything from push-ups and sit-ups to yoga poses or a sprint.
  5. Bike Ride: Plan a bike ride through the city or countryside. You can also plan different stops or landmarks to stop at.
  6. City Rally: Organize a rally around the city where participants must complete various tasks to earn points. For example, this could mean taking a photo of a particular landmark, saying a certain phrase to a passerby, or sampling a local dish. Utensils needed: a list of tasks or challenges.
  7. Water Fight: In hot weather, there’s hardly a better way to cool off and have a lot of fun at the same time than a good old water fight. You can form teams and try to “beat” the opposing team, or just splash around wildly. To make it even more interesting, you can set different rules or goals, such as hitting a specific target or avoiding being hit yourself.
  8. Treasure Hunt: A treasurehunt is a classic game that is often played at children’s birthday parties, but can also be a lot of fun at a bachelorette party. In this game, a series of clues or riddles are hidden that the group must solve to find the “treasure”. The “treasure” could be something fun or embarrassing that the bachelor/bachelorette must then wear or do, or perhaps a bottle of champagne to celebrate the completion of the treasure hunt.

Games for a hike

  1. Hiking trail riddles: along the hiking trail, have a scavenger hunt or riddle rally of sorts. Place clues or riddles at various stations that must be solved to get to the next station or find the way to the next stage. This can add to the fun and excitement of the hike while allowing you to enjoy nature and your surroundings.
  2. Animal and Plant Bingo: Before the hike, create bingo cards with different animals, plants, or other natural elements that you may discover along the way. Everyone can try to fill their card by finding and crossing off the different species. The game can also be combined with small prizes for the first complete bingo cards.
  3. Photo contest: make a list of different objects, places or situations to photograph during the hike. Each participant has a set amount of time to take as many photos as possible or capture specific subjects. The photos can be funny, creative or just nice snapshots. At the end, you can look at the photos together and laugh about the memories.
  4. Word Game Hike: Choose a specific word or theme and have participants find words or phrases that fit that theme during the hike. This can be a competition where everyone tries to find as many words as possible. This can be a language skills challenge and fun at the same time.
  5. Nature Quiz: Before the hike, prepare a quiz with questions about nature or the environment you are hiking through. Participants can compete against each other and try to answer as many questions correctly as possible. The quiz can help to deepen the knowledge about nature and the environment and make the hike more interesting, you can also integrate small penalties for wrong answers.
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Drinking games

Drinking games are also used in most bachelor party games. They can be a fun addition, for home or away:

  • With at-home drinking games, you can turn almost any game into a drinking game by setting certain rules. For example, in a card game, you can have a drink when certain card combinations come up, or in a board game, you can set certain events that require drinking.
  • In drinking games on the go, you can also link the tasks or challenges to drinking. For example, in a scavenger hunt, you can drink a shot at certain stops, or in a challenge with passersby, those who fail the task must drink.

Important rules for drinking games

To make sure everyone has fun, keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t start with booze: If you start with high-proof liquor, you’ll be broken quickly! How about shandy, beer, wine spritzer? You can always adjust it. But you can’t undo it (at least only in a disgusting way and nobody has fun!) 😉
  • One person is paying (some) attention: Believe us, it’s a good idea to appoint a person who doesn’t completely overdo it. If things escalate too much, problems arise, or you need help, you can resolve the situation.
  • Don’t force: No one should be forced to drink more than he or she would like, it only brings negative vibes and spoils the fun. After all, it doesn’t help anyone if the bachelor or a friend is just hanging over the bowl or has to go home early.

Especially simple and popular drinking games

There are a variety of drinking games that are popular at bachelor parties and other parties. Here are some particularly well-known and popular drinking games:

  1. Beer Pong: Beer pong is a classic drinking game. It is played with cups and ping pong balls, and the goal is to throw the ball into the opposing team’s cups filled with beer. If a ball lands, the team must drink the corresponding cup.
  2. I’ve never: This game involves making statements in order, such as “I’ve never stolen anything” or “I’ve never kissed someone I just met.” Anyone who fails to fulfill the statement must take a sip.
  3. Quarterning is another popular drinking game often played at parties, bachelor parties and bars. A coin is placed on the table and players take turns trying to flip the coin into a glass or cup from a short distance. The coin must “hit” the table once beforehand.

Also read our post with drinking games for even more inspiration!

Bachelor party games for men and women

Which bachelor party games for men and which for women?

So we look at it this way, we are all adults after all, make men like games for women and some women like games for men. And what about same-sex couples and what about people who don’t want to define their gender identity? We ❤️ you all and you decide what you feel like! Still, there are some games that are more common at bachelor parties for men or women. Here are some examples:

Bachelor party games for men

  • Action-packed activities: games like paintball, go-kart racing, indoor climbing or a ride on the go-kart track are popular with many men and offer a way to let off steam and have fun. You can also incorporate tasks and small games.
  • Beer tasting or brewery tour: Men who love to drink beer might enjoy a beer tasting or brewery tour. Here they can taste different types of beer and also incorporate some games with card games or a quiz.
  • Sportscompetitions: men who love sports can compete in different sports like soccer, basketball or volleyball or even play golf together.

Bachelor party games for women

  • Spa Day: many women enjoy relaxing and being pampered. A spa day with massages, facials and manicures/pedicures can be the perfect opportunity to relax and leave the stress of everyday life behind. Beforehand, think about a few games that can be integrated, for example, with a tablet or cards can also do something.
  • Beauty workshop: A beauty workshop not only offers the opportunity to learn new techniques and skills, but also to have fun together and style each other. It’s a great opportunity to share ideas, discuss makeup trends and inspire each other.
  • Dance class: a dance class, whether it’s salsa, belly dancing, pole dancing or another dance, can be fun and give women the opportunity to express themselves and learn new moves.

Keep in mind that these suggestions are based on common gender stereotypes and may not be suitable for every person. Bachelor party games should always be adapted to the individual preferences, interests and desires of the participants, regardless of their gender.


Final tips & conclusion

Bachelor party games are a fun and exciting addition to a bachelor party are. They serve to lighten the mood, have fun, provide photo opportunities and keepsake value, and help you have a good time. Bachelor party games can be divided into several categories, such as card games, home games, on-the-go games, and embarrassing passerby games.

When choosing games, it is important to take into account the interests, preferences and limitations of the bachelorette or bachelor and the participants. The variety of bachelorette party games allows you to create a diverse mix of activities and challenges. From classic beer pong and card games to fun tasks, puzzles or creative workshops, there is something for everyone.

The bachelorette party games should be enjoyable and engaging for everyone to feel comfortable and entertained. It’s also important to keep everyone’s safety and well-being in mind and not force anyone to do anything he or she doesn’t want to do. After all, the point is to have a fun and good time – coercion has never been cool, never! Ultimately, bachelor party games are about having fun together and celebrating the upcoming stage of the bride and groom’s lives and putting them to the test one last time!