Drinking games have been around since ancient times and are still a hit at every party. Drinking games are especially in demand for the bachelor party, whether it’s a pre-glow, a ride or a house party. What is especially advantageous is that you can play them anywhere without much effort. Apart from drinks, you only need a few utensils

We present you popular drinking games below, as a card game, dice game, app or creatively without utensils.


  • You can play drinking games anywhere. Even on the road they are a hit, if you follow the rules.
  • Liquor and other spirits should always come last. Take it slow with beer or mixed drinks with little alcohol.
  • Cards, dice, a coin, a TV – you don’t need much for a lot of fun.
  • Enough is enough! If someone is drunk, then you should turn a blind eye. The fun factor must be in the foreground!

The best drinking games for the Bachelor Party | ©Alessandro Biascioli – stock.adobe.com

Drinking games for outdoors and on the road

Get started right away with these drinking games. Play as you please, wherever you happen to be.

1. Beer Pong

What you need:

  • Plastic cups
  • Ping pong balls
  • Drinks

How to do it: Fill the plastic cups with drinks and place them at the end of the table in a triangular shape. You must try to hit all of your opponent’s cups. As soon as a cup is hit, a player from the opposing team must drink it. Drinking is done in a pre-determined order. An additional rule states that the cups may be moved twice per game. There are still numerous rule extensions, such as a last throw for the losing team or overturned cups are considered hit.

Suitable for: The game is great for gardens and patios. It can be played in groups of 4 or more.

2. Flunkyball

What you need:

  • Two tennis balls
  • Empty beer bottle
  • Plenty of space
  • Drinks

How it works: Flunkyball is great to play in the city park or on the soccer field. Set up the bottle and leave about ten steps of space in each direction. Then form two teams. Each player tries to knock the bottle over with the ball once. Once the bottle is knocked over, the team of the thrower starts drinking. Meanwhile, a player from the opposing team tries to put the bottle back in place. Once the bottle is back in its original place, the drinking stops. Now the other team throws.

Suitable for: It is classic drinking game for groups of at least six people.

Drinking games for 3-6 people

Drinking games for small (3 to 5 people) to large groups (5 to 10 people). Boozing is the most fun in a group and with these group drinking games a boisterous mood is guaranteed.

3. Gossip

What you need:

  • Game Clapping
  • Cup
  • Drinks

Here’s how it works: Spread out the cards on a table. Players take turns drawing cards. In total, the cards contain 60 different tasks. The player who drew the card must complete the task properly. If he does not succeed, he must drink. Drinking also occurs when someone mouths a swear word or the word drink, including all synonyms and variations or word stems. The trick is that you can only drink with your left hand. Left-handed people drink with their right hand, of course.

Suitable for: Gossiping is a group game that can actually be played anywhere. It is recommended for groups between two and ten people.

4. Louping Louie

What you need:

  • Game Louping Louie
  • Table
  • Mug
  • Drinks

Here’s how it works: the game is set up so that one catapult is assigned to each player. Each player gets a drink and a certain number of so-called chicken chips. Louie is launched and flies around in a dive. You must direct the seesaw and prevent Louie from getting the chicken chips. The game ends when a player loses all his chicken chips. The loser must finish a cup.

Suitable for: The game can be played by two to four players. It is therefore suitable for a small group of friends or family members.

5. Darned Number

What you need:

  • Drinks

Here’s how it works: The game is also known as the seven of confusion. But you can use any number you like. Let’s take the number 7, then the following rules apply: You count up the numbers from one to one hundred. Each player says a number. All numbers with a reference to the number seven are forbidden:

  • Numbers with 7 in their name; 27, 37, 47, etc.
  • Numbers with the checksum 7: 34, 52, 61, etc.
  • Numbers divisible by 7: 7, 14, 21, etc.

As soon as a player names one of the forbidden numbers, he must drink.

Suitable for: The game is ideal because you don’t have to prepare it. You can play it anywhere and start right away.

6. Quartern

What you need:

  • Mug
  • Drinks
  • Coins

Here’s how it works: sit around a table and put a glass in the middle. You must try to throw the coin into the glass. But the coin must touch the table once before it lands in the glass. Whoever hits it gets to decide who should drink. Alternatively, the left or right partner can drink. You can decide the rules yourself.

Suitable for: Quartern is a typical pub game. You can play it anywhere where there is a table.

Drinking games for home

In a familiar environment, it is allowed to go overboard with drinking. These drinking games are a hit at home:

7. Jenga

What you need:

  • Jenga game
  • Felt-tip pen
  • Drinks
  • Cup

How it works: Label each wooden block with individual tasks. Here are some examples:

  • Drink a sip
  • Drink a shot
  • Every woman at the table drinks
  • Tell the truth: I have never…..
  • do 10 push-ups
  • Drink a glass to ex
  • your left/right partner drinks
  • Everybody drinks

Now you are going to build the tower. Take turns pulling a wooden block and completing the task. If the tower collapses, the person who caused it must drink a shot.

Suitable for: The laugh factor is guaranteed in this game. Especially when it comes to skill and the level rises. An ideal game to play at a party.

8. Movie and TV game

What you need:

  • TV set
  • Cup
  • Drinks

Here’s how it works: The perfect game for TV broadcasts and at the movies. Think of suitable catchwords or actions. If the catchphrase is named or the action is performed, cheers! Here are some examples:

  • Movie Batman: Whenever the name Batman is mentioned.
  • Soccer game: Whenever the name of a player is mentioned or at every corner kick.
  • Eurovision Song Contest (ESC): Whenever someone says “thank you Europe”
  • Germanys Next Top Model (GNTM): Whenever there is crying again.
  • Alternatively, you can also guess children’s series, the one who wins, determines someone to drink.

Suitable for: The game is a hit at every movie and TV night. You can customize it and play with as many people as you like.

9. Drinkopoly

What you need:

  • Game Drinkopoly
  • Drinks of your choice
  • Cups or glasses
  • Schnapps

This is how it works: Drinkopoly has nothing to do with the classic Monopoly. You roll the dice and move across the board field by field. In each field, a drinking challenge awaits you. The game is a tough one and you have to be able to drink. At least one short must be drunk in each round.

Suitable for: A real blast if you can hold your liquor well. You need at least three people and a solid surface to play and roll the dice.

10. Party games

You’ll need:

  • Board games or classic board games
  • Drinks
  • A lot of imagination

Here’s how it works: Let your imagination run wild! You can turn any game into a drinking game. In Scotland Yard, there is always drinking when someone uses the subway. For every black ticket, you get a shot of booze. In Mensch ärgere dich nicht, it’s glasses up for every six. Many children’s board games, such as “Spitz pass auf,” also guarantee fun.

Suitable for: These games fit into every drinking and playing round. You can also arrange a whole game evening with it. It is a good theme for a drinking games party.

Online drinking games and drinking games apps

You can also interactively binge drink and compete with people for the glass of booze. You should know these apps and online games.

11. Picolo

You’ll need:

  • Cell phone
  • App Picolo
  • WLAN or Wi-Fi
  • Drinks

Here’s how it works: Before starting the game, you have to download the Picolo app and the drinking game can begin. The app displays questions and tasks that you have to answer or solve. The questions and tasks are only aimed at drinking.

Suitable for: You can play the game anywhere with your smartphone. It is quick to use and can be played in small and large groups. Picolo is fabulous for quickly reaching a certain level and getting into the mood.

12. Truth or dare

You’ll need:

  • Empty bottle
  • Drinks

Dieser Block enthält unerwarteten oder ungültigen Inhalt.Blockwiederherstellung versuchen

This is how it works: You surely know truth or dare from your childhood and under the term spin the bottle. Just sit in the circle. Turn the bottle and challenge the person to whom the bottle head points. Choose the person truth, then ask silly, raunchy, challenging, tingling or complicated questions. Just as you please.
If you choose duty, you have to drink while still performing certain tasks.

Suitable for: You should only start with this drinking game when you are already well buzzed. The fun factor goes up as the alcohol level rises. In the right round, some events are guaranteed to remain unforgettable.

Drinking games with cards

A deck of cards fits in any pocket. Pull it out and the best drinking games can begin.

13. Lol

What you need:

  • Game Lol
  • Cup
  • Drinks

Here’s how itworks : Lol is the laugh riot of drinking games. There are joke cards and task cards. You are allowed to do everything in this game except laugh. That is not so easy. If you laugh anyway, you have to drink. You can also set additional rules. Of course, if you don’t complete the task, you’ll reach for the glass.

Suitable for: A game for a fun round of two players or more. By the way, it is also perfect as a gift for a cozy evening or as a present.

14. Swimming

What you need:

  • Cards
  • Drinks

Here’s how it works: Each player receives three cards. The dealer receives three cards face up and three cards face down. He decides whether to play with the face up or face down deck. The cards are swapped until someone has 31 or passes. Then all cards are turned face up. The person with the lowest score must drink.

Suitable for: You can play the drinking game anywhere and in a small group. It is variable. So you have to drink a shot at all aces or pawns. You can also write down the score and play five or ten rounds in a row.

15. Bus driver

You need:

  • Drinks
  • Card game

This is how it works: each player names a color and picks the card from the deck. Then he decides on a number and greater than or less than. If you are wrong, you drink. The first three cards remain unfolded in front of you. Now a bus is laid with the remaining cards. The first row drinks schnapps, the second beer and the third row just sips. Then the card of the first row is turned over. If the picture matches one of the three cards, the player must drink schnapps.

Suitable for: Some variants are complicated, so this drinking game is suitable only at the beginning of the binge.

Drinking games with dice

You never know how the dice will fall. If you let the dice decide, you must be able to drink and can look forward to a fun round.

16. Mäxle

You need:

  • Two dice
  • Dice cup or puzzle cup
  • Drinks
  • Table or hard surface

This is how it works: One player rolls the dice face down. Either he tells the number or he lies. All other players roll the dice clockwise. The highest number rolled forms the tens row and the lowest number forms the one row. The Mäxle is the number 21. If the lie is revealed, the player with the face-down dice drinks. If the number is correct, then the player who wanted to reveal the lie drinks.

Suitable for: Mäxle is a typical counter game for merry rounds. You can play it anywhere where you can roll the dice on a surface.

17. Chicago

What you need:

  • Drinks
  • 3 dice

Here’s how it works: You roll three dice. The number 6 counts 6 or 60 and the number 1 counts 1 or a hundred. All other numbers count normally. You must roll higher or lower than the first player. Everyone has three rolls and can change the dice at will. The result after the third roll decides. Whoever rolled the lowest or highest number wins or loses and drinks.

Suitable for: Chicago, like roulette, is a game of chance. Although you only roll the dice, it’s huge fun. You need at least three players.

5 Final Tips

No. 1: Take it slow and save the hard stuff for last. Beer, a light wine, or mixed drinks with little alcohol are ideal to start with. Adjust the games accordingly, too. Some drinking games require you to drink additional liquor. Be careful when you drink things mixed up.

No. 2: It’s better to stick to one drink at a time. In general, you should never choose liquor as the main drink. Otherwise, the fun will be over sooner than you’d like. Some games require you to empty shot glasses or take a shot in between. Here, schnapps or strong liquor is also perfectly fine. Still, you need to keep your alcohol consumption under control here, too.

No. 3: Snacks always go! Even though all the games are mainly about drinking, small snacks are part of the game. With the right snacks you can break down the alcohol better. This way, you’ll also cut a fine figure when you have to prove your skills.

It’s all about the right snacks. Small herring snacks and pickles are ideal. As you know, fish needs to float and vinegar breaks down alcohol more quickly. So sour snacks are the perfect addition to your drinking game night or for your parties. Peanuts and cheese bites are also a must.

No. 4: Water in between: All drinking games include a pitcher of water on the table or a water bottle in your purse. There is no shame in drinking water in between. The water does not help to break down the alcohol, but the hangover will be less bad. A glass of carbonated or non-carbonated water is recommended between each glass of alcohol.

No. 5 Take it easy! No matter how steamy and boisterous it gets, you should always keep your cool. No one is uncool if they skip a round or leave a glass or two. Especially when it comes to drinking games with exercise, don’t overdo it. Be honest with yourself. No one can do a handstand or run around safely after ten beers.


Especially for the bachelor party, many plan drinking games to get in the mood, shorten the trip or at the celebration at home. No wonder, they often provide exhilaration, the one or other funny situation, but only if you do not approach it too clumsy and it is informal