Do you know what belongs to every bachelor party like the air to breathe and the hangover to the next morning? Exactly, cool, funny and even nasty bachelor party sayings! You can really get the party going and the whole group will feel like peas and carrots. So, unpack the confetti cannon, it will be fun!

We’ll show you which sayings are suitable, how you can develop your own ideas and where you can put them.

bachelor party saying women
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bachelor party saying men
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Classics: 10 sayings to warm you up

There are, of course, quite a few classics that can be found at almost every bachelor party. Here are ten examples that are popularly used:

  1. “Team Bride”
  2. “Last Night at Liberty”
  3. “Game Over – Here marries the most beautiful man”
  4. “Hands off, I’m getting married!”
  5. “From Hunter to Hunted”
  6. “Bride Security”
  7. “S.O.S. – Save Our Singles”
  8. “Bridezilla on Tour”
  9. “Bride Crew – Last Flight Before the Ring”
  10. “Help, she really wants to marry me!”

These sayings have stood the test of time and always make you smile. Of course, you can also take them as inspiration and craft your own custom sayings from them

Bachelor party sayings for women: 50 ideas

Let’s start with the girls. Your best wingwoman is getting married? Here are a few sayings that will make any bride smile:

Cinderella is finally becoming a princess!From kitten to feline predator – welcome marriage!
Mrs. [name], soon to be a double!Freedom, we had a good time!
Last call: Bride aboard!Save me! The ring is already in sight!
The last party in freedom!Bride power! Last party as a single!
From single to angel in just one day!Once more wild before I’m tamed!
Watch out guys: last chance to convince me!Last day as a single – tomorrow part of a set!
Bride alert! Hide your men!Today still wild and free, tomorrow faithful!
Princess life starts now!Ring alert! Hide your singles!
Flight mode on: Destination marriage!Kiss the bride – It’s her last chance!
Bye Bye Single Life, Hello Husband!Veil instead of bubbly? Not today!
Last night as Miss – Tomorrow as Mrs!Today still crazy and free, tomorrow always at his side!
Love is…wearing the engagement ring!Bridezilla in party mode!
From bridesmaid to bride!Singles tour ends here – marriage tour begins!
Aloha freedom, aloha marriage!Another girl, tomorrow a lady!
Bridezilla today, wife tomorrow!Last round as a single lady!
Innocent and single? Not for long!Today a lady, tomorrow a wife!
Game over! Level 2 begins: Marriage!Today still chaotic, tomorrow perfect housewife!
From flirting to forgiving in just one night!Bride coming! Hide your witnesses!
SOS! I’m on my way to the altar!From single life straight to marriage – No rest!
Bride in distress! Please send champagne!Today still a flirt, tomorrow married!
In the marriage trap, but today still on the runway!Caution: bride lets herself go today again properly!
Bride on tour: Freedom, it was nice with you!Celebrate one last time unmarried!
Attention! Bride in party mode!Last tour of single life!
Bride crew: last night in freedom!Another gal, tomorrow his queen!
Today I’m the queen – tomorrow he’s the king!No ring, no commitment – tonight!
bachelor party saying
Popular bachelorette party sayings for women | ©Miceking –

Bachelor party sayings for men: 50 ideas

So, now it’s the guys’ turn. For the best buddy who wants to run away from the altar, we also have some snappy sayings ready:

Last night in freedom – tomorrow I’ll wear the ring!Freedom, it was nice with you!
Help, I’m being tamed!Marriage trap in sight – last call!
Last call: Groom on board!Married tomorrow – still on the hunt today!
Game Over – The princess has conquered me!From hunting to trap – welcome to marriage!
I trade beer for wedding ring!Game Over – Level 2: Marriage!
SOS – My independence is in danger!Matrimony in the offing – Last night as a free man!
From hunter to prey – Welcome to marriage!Before I know it, I’m married!
Farewell to the single life – Start of the marriage era!Groom on the run – Last day of freedom!
Women, hide your girlfriends – Today I am still available!Still on the loose – Tomorrow I’ll wear the ring!
Last party as a free man!Single was yesterday, husband is tomorrow!
Save me! She really wants to marry me!Today the king, tomorrow she’ll be the queen!
Last night as a single man!Last night as a prince – tomorrow I’ll be the king!
Still on the prowl, tomorrow in the cage!Still a boy, tomorrow a man!
Last day as a tomboy – tomorrow I’ll be on a leash!Last day as a single – tomorrow I’ll be her hero!
Groom in party mode!Before I know it, I’ll be married!
No retreat possible – Marriage awaits me!Single life adé – Husband on trial!
Last day as a single man – Help!Last night as a free man – Tomorrow under the hood!
Another playboy, tomorrow a husband!Last tour as a single man – Marriage awaits me!
SOS – My freedom is kidnapped!Husband in training – Last night in freedom!
Last tour as a free man!Still on the prowl, tomorrow in the cage!
Soon under the hood, but today still on the runway!Help, the marriage trap snaps shut!
Still a guy, tomorrow her hero!Last party as a single – Tomorrow I belong to her!
Farewell to single life – Last call!Groom in party mode – Tomorrow in marriage mode!
Today still lion, tomorrow tamed house cat!Last night in bachelor paradise!
Last day as a single man – tomorrow I’ll wear the chains!Still a free man, tomorrow a married gentleman!
bachelor party saying
Popular bachelor party saying for men | ©NewDesigns –

Think about your own slogans: this is how you proceed

Now it’s your turn! If you want to create your own bachelor party sayings, stick to these tips:

  1. Stay positive and humorous: a good stag party saying will make you laugh without hurting anyone. After all, it’s supposed to be a day of fun and joy.
  2. special character traits that you can include in the saying. Hobbies, favorite movies, music taste or similar can also be a super inspiration. If the groom is a big soccer fan, how about, “Last free kick before marriage!” Or if the bride is a passionate cook, a saying could be, “Last night with wild spices, tomorrow it will be spicy!” This will make the day even more memorable.
  3. Keep it short and sweet: You can make long speeches at the wedding. The bachelor party saying should be quickly understandable and easy to remember.

These advanced tips will help you create a truly personal and unique stag party saying. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will love it and the party will be even more memorable. Let’s get going, spellbinders!

Where will the sayings be placed?

You’ve chosen the perfect sayings, but where should they go now? A classic is of course T-shirts – the whole group in matching shirts is a real eye-catcher and strengthens the team spirit. But also accessories have to be decorated, there are no limits to your creativity:

  1. T-shirts: The classic! T-shirts with funny sayings are especially popular at bachelor parties. They not only help to keep the group together, but also attract attention and fun.
  2. Buttons and pins: Small, but nice. They can easily be attached to clothing or bags and are a great reminder of the day.
  3. Ribbons and sashes: Especially for the bride or groom, wearing a sash with a matching saying is a popular tradition.
  4. Hats and Caps: Ideal for summer bachelor party. Decorated with a saying, they become a funny eye-catcher.
  5. Temporary tattoos: for those who are looking for something more unusual. They are great fun and can be placed anywhere on the body.
  6. Banners and posters: perfect for decorating your party location. A large banner with a matching bachelor party saying makes a statement and serves as the perfect photo backdrop.
  7. Balloons or cups: Printed with a stag party slogan, they become part of the party decoration and can also serve as giveaways for guests or passers-by.
  8. Accessories: From key rings to sunglasses or bags – almost anything can be personalized with a saying.
Bachelor Party sayings
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In summary, choosing the right bachelor party saying is an important part of planning an unforgettable bachelor party. Whether humorous, cheeky or affectionate, a good stag party saying reflects the personality of the groom or bride and contributes to the overall mood of the day.

By including personal details like hobbies or shared memories, the saying can be made even more unique and individual. And the great thing is that there are endless ways to present the sayings – from t-shirts and pins to banners and temporary tattoos.

Whether you choose a classic or create your own original saying, the important thing is that the saying fits you and you have a great time with it. After all, the bachelor party is about celebrating together and having fun before the big day arrives. So let your creativity run wild and make the day unforgettable!