The sashes are a good accessory for the bachelor party. They are cheap or easy to make yourself and can be adapted to the colors and the theme of the bachelor party.

What you should consider when choosing and which variants are available you will learn in the following.

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Material and colors

  • Ideal are bachelor party sashes made of tear-resistant materials, such as polyester or with a bonded border. Since it often gets hot at bachelor parties, you should make sure that the sashes are washable. So the bride can also store the stag party sash and still have years of late joy in it.
  • Bachelor party sashes are also available for the guests. These sashes mark the team, bride or the company. Such sashes you can also buy in bulk and adjust to the number of guests.
  • The sashes are available in all colors and can be printed individually.
  • The lettering can be simply designed with the words “bride” or “groom”. However, you can also have nicknames printed on them. Guest stag party sashes are usually printed with the words Team Bride or Team Groom or Bride Crew and Groom Crew.

Cost of Bachelor Party Sashes

The prices are different and depend on your wishes:

  • Simple and pre-printed sashes are available from 3 euros
  • Elaborately designed bachelor party sashes with pre-print from 5 euros
  • Stag party sashes with borders made of polyester from 6 Euro
  • Bachelor party sashes made of polyester with individual imprint from 10 Euro

You can buy the sashes online in special stores or at almost all online mail order companies. Most products are in stock and are delivered after three to five working days. The Stag Party sashes with individual printing have a longer delivery time. You should order these sashes four to six weeks in advance.

Sayings for Sashes

There are many sayings for the bachelor party. It is best to have one of your own that conveys a story. The following sayings can serve you as inspiration.

  • “Groom Squad”
  • “Last night out”
  • “I Do Crew”
  • “Bachelor party”
  • “Team Groom”
  • “Forever groomsmen
  • “Best man’s squad”

Popular Motifs

Popular motifs for sashes at bachelor parties are.

  • Hearts
  • Rings
  • Champagne glasses
  • Wedding couple
  • Wedding cake
  • Bride and groom
  • Arrows
  • Lettering such as “Team Groom” or “Last Night Out”
  • Mascots of the city or destination (e.g. Las Vegas, New Orleans)
  • Symbols like anchor, wings, horseshoe, crown etc.

Alternatively, you can design the lettering online and then print it on iron-on paper. A conventional printer is sufficient for this. The lettering is then simply ironed onto the polyester band. If this is too much work for you, you can also buy iron-on letters online. Or you can write it yourself.

Popular Colors

Some of the most popular colors for bachelor party sashes are:

  • Black, symbolizing the last night as a bachelor
  • Red, as a symbol of the party and celebration
  • Blue, symbolizing freedom and adventure
  • Green, as a symbol of new beginnings and hope
  • Gold and silver, as a symbol of happiness and success

Buy Bachelor Party Sashes

There are many different types of bachelor party sashes, from simple colored ribbons to personalized sashes with the groom-to-be’s name or even a photo. The following is a small selection.

Make Your Own Sashes

You can also make your own sashes for the bachelor party. For this you need polyester ribbon, which is available in any craft store. You can write on the sashes with a waterproof pen. You can also buy letter stencils in craft stores.

Necessary Materials

  • Fabric in the desired colors
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Lettering/patch (optional)

Crafting Instructions for Sashes

  1. Choose the colors of the sashes. These should go well with the theme of the bachelor party.
  2. Cut the fabric into strips about 10 cm wide and 150 cm long.
  3. Sew the edges of the fabric strip together to form a loop.
  4. Optional: add lettering or a patch to make the sashes even more personalized.
  5. Wear the sashes to the bachelor party and have fun!

The sash is especially popular with women. Some bachelor party sashes are even kept and later displayed again for the silver wedding. Therefore, you should pay attention to the quality here. Simple paper bows do not last long. But they are cheap to have.

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