When the bachelor party is approaching you will stumble on the topic of bachelor party shirts, whether we like it or not ;). Some find it annoying, others find it a must. We see it quite relaxed: Everything can, nothing must. But if you want to buy t-shirts for your Stag party, then do it right!

Here’s everything you need to know about bachelor party t-shirts and tips on how to design extra cool ones.

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Why actually bachelor party t-shirts?

Bachelor party t-shirts are more than just fabric, there are good reasons for the shirts, see for yourself:

  1. Togetherness: they create a sense of belonging. Having everyone wear the same t-shirt is a fun and visible way to show that you all belong and are partying together.
  2. Commemorative value: they serve as a keepsake of the special day. The bachelor party mostly have commemorative value…. So what could be better than having a physical memento that you can look at (and wear!) over and over again?
  3. Fun: It’s just plain fun and a running gag! Whether it’s a funny picture, an inside joke, or just the names of all the attendees, a personalized t-shirt can be a real icebreaker and provide laughs.
  4. Visibility: They’re practical. If you’re in a large group, t-shirts help you stand out in a crowd and not lose anyone.

How to make the shirt special: 3 basic tips

A good stag party t-shirt must fulfill several aspects to really strike the right note and make the celebrations unforgettable. Here are some points you should consider.

Common t-shirts or special shirt for the bachelor/bachelorette

Should everyone wear the same t-shirt or does the bachelor and the other guests have a different shirt on? It all depends on your personal preference and the type of bachelor party you are having. There are no hard and fast rules, and you can design your t-shirts however you like best. However, here are a few common approaches:

  • Everyone wears the same thing: It’s quite common for everyone to wear the same t-shirt. This creates a strong sense of unity and togetherness in the group, and can also be handy if you’re in a large crowd and want to find each other more easily.
  • A special shirt for the groom/bride: Some groups choose to give the groom or bride a special t-shirt that is different from the others. This can be a fun way to highlight the person being celebrated. For example, you could use the same design for everyone, but the groom or bride’s t-shirt could be a different color, or it could have some extra text or design element that indicates he or she is the main person.

What mottos are popular for the bachelor party shirt?

Mottos apply not only to the t-shirt but to the entire outfit. They are a fantastic way to set the tone for the entire bachelor party. Here are some popular mottos you might consider:

  • Motto 1: “The Last Flight to Freedom.”
  • Motto 2: “Life sentence: Soon in chains”
  • Motto 3: “I’m here to drink”
  • Motto 4: “VIP Party: Out and about with the best”
  • Motto 5: “Beach party: Celebrating under palm trees”
  • Motto 6: “Time travel: Back to the 90s”
  • Motto 7: “Party in pajamas”
  • Motto 8: “Action: Only the tough get into the garden”
  • Motto 9: “Beauty: Wellness for the most beautiful”
  • Motto 10: “The best friends forever”

You should implement the mottos from head to toe, i.e. with the entire outfit, sayings, etc. The best way to do this is to read our article with many details about bachelor party mottos.

Popular stag party t-shirt sayings

When it comes to choosing the right bachelor party t-shirt saying, there are a variety of options that can range from humorous to sentimental. Here are some examples of popular sayings that are often seen on bachelor party shirts:

Sayings for a joint bachelor party shirt

  1. “Game Over”
  2. “Last night at liberty”
  3. “He/she said YES!”
  4. “Team Groom/Bride”
  5. “Bachelor on clearance” / “Being free one more time”
  6. “Taken Off the Market”
  7. “The Last Booty”
  8. “Catch of a Lifetime – Forgiven!”
  9. “S.O.S. – Save Our Singles”
  10. “Mission: Marriage – Countdown is On”
  11. “Single – Soon Out of Stock”
  12. “I’m Getting Married – The Others Are Just Here to Booze”
  13. “Husband/Bride in Training”
  14. “Up – Down – Married”
  15. “The Last Party”
  16. “If I survive this, I’ll survive marriage”
  17. “Marriage license soon to be valid”
  18. “Today a king/queen – Tomorrow a husband/wife”
  19. “End of the line marriage – All aboard!”
  20. “Last call for all single ladies/ single men”

Sayings for a different t-shirts

  1. “Team Bride” / “Team Groom” – The classic, especially appropriate if the groom or bride is wearing a shirt with “Bride” or “Groom”.
  2. “The Bride Police” / “The Groom Guard” – This can be a fun saying to emphasize that you are looking out for the bride or groom-to-be.
  3. “Crew love” – With an additional shirt for the groom or bride that says “captain” or “captainess”.
  4. “Backup for the Bride” / “Backup for the Groom” – Another fun saying that highlights your role in supporting the groom or bride.
  5. “Last flight before the ring” – Appropriate if the bride or groom is wearing a shirt that says “pilot” or “pilot”.

And for the bride or groom’s shirt, depending on the theme, these sayings could fit:

  1. “Bride in training” / “Groom in training”
  2. “Captain” / “Captainess”
  3. “Hostage” / “Prisoner”

How are stag party t-shirts for men different from women’s t-shirts?

Bachelor party t-shirts can vary depending on the gender of the wearer, both in terms of design and style, as well as the type of sayings used. Here are some differences that are often found in bachelor party t-shirts for men and women:

Bachelor party t shirts for men

  • Sayings: the sayings on men’s bachelor party t-shirts tend to be humorous, cheeky or even a bit risqué. Examples might include “Help, I’m getting married!”, “Game Over” or “Last day of freedom”.
  • Design and Style: bachelor party t-shirts for men are often designed to be simpler and more direct. They might feature humorous or sarcastic sayings, logos, or cartoons. The colors are often darker or neutral, such as black, blue or gray, and the t-shirts are usually classic crew neck or V-neck styles.

Bachelor party t shirts for women

  • Sayings: sayings on women’s bachelor party t-shirts are often playful, cute or positive. Examples might include “bridal crew,” “team bride,” or “wife-to-be.”
  • Design and Style: bachelor party t-shirts for women often have a more feminine design, with bright or pastel colored t-shirts, sometimes including glitter or glamour elements. The t-shirts can be fitted to accentuate the figure, or they can have loose or flowing styles. The sayings are often funny, sweet or sentimental, and can also include elements such as hearts, stars or flowers.

Ultimately, the bachelor party t-shirt design should reflect the personality and tastes of the groom or bride and fit the chosen theme or motto of the bachelor party. Whether this is for men, women or people with no or different gender identity.

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DIY bachelor party t-shirt design/craft: here’s how

DIY bachelor party t-shirts are an ideal way to add a personal touch to your celebration and make sure the shirts are exactly what you want. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to create your own stag party t-shirts:

  1. Choose a theme and design: Decide on a theme or motto for your bachelor party and think about what design might go with it. Think of colors, symbols, logos or sayings that reflect the theme.
  2. Get material and T-shirts: Get high-quality T-shirts in the right size for all participants. Choose a high-quality material that will print well, such as cotton or blended fabric. Also think about textile dye or iron-on film, depending on how you want to design the T-shirts.
  3. Create design: Use graphics software or drawing programs to visualize your design ideas. You can also use online t-shirt design tools or apps to create your design. Experiment with different fonts, icons, and layouts to achieve the look you want.
  4. Consider text and graphics: decide what text, sayings or names you want on your t-shirts. Also consider if you want to use graphic elements like symbols, logos or illustrations. Make sure that the texts are easy to read and the graphics are easily recognizable.
  5. Print or paint T-shirts: Depending on your preferences and skills, you can now print or paint your T-shirts. Here are two options:
    • Print: Print your design on special transfer paper for textiles and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to transfer the design to the T-shirts. You can either do this yourself at home with an iron or use a professional textile printing service.
    • Painting: Use textile dyes and brushes to paint your designs directly onto the T-shirts. Make sure the paints adhere well to the fabric and follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions for drying time and fixation.
  6. Drying and fixing: Allow the printed or painted T-shirts to dry thoroughly to ensure that the colors or print are completely fixed. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to ensure designs are wash resistant.
  7. Finishing and Presentation: iron or press your T-shirts to remove wrinkles and proudly present them to your group. Don’t forget to put on your own stag party shirts and enjoy the party!

You can make your own bachelor party shirts with this step-by-step guide.

How can you customize bachelor party t-shirts?

Once you have purchased a t-shirt, you can further customize it to give them a personal touch. Here are some popular methods to personalize bachelor party t-shirts:

  • Textile printing: use special textile printing techniques such as screen printing, transfer printing or vinyl foils to print your own designs, sayings or logos on the t-shirts. You can either do this yourself at home or use a professional textile printing service.
  • Hand painting: You can paint your designs directly onto the T-shirts using textile paint and a brush or a highlighter. You can paint freehand or use stencils to create specific patterns or symbols.
  • Iron-ons: Buyiron-ons with pre-made designs or have them made with your own text or logo. Simply iron them onto the T-shirts to personalize them.
  • Rhinestones: Use rhinestones to add a sparkling accent to your designs. You can attach them with special glue or iron them on.
  • Accessories: Decorate your T-shirts with accessories such as ribbons, bows, pom-poms or pins to give them a personal touch.

Choose the method that best suits your skills and preferences, and have fun designing your bachelor party t-shirts. It’s a great way to express your creativity and make sure your t-shirts are unique and personal.

Disadvantages of t-shirts: what’s wrong with them!

There are some possible disadvantages or concerns about bachelor party t-shirts:

  • They look shi… look! Bachelor party t-shirts are not for everyone. Some people don’t find them attractive or don’t like the style or prints chosen. Tastes differ, and some people prefer to dress individually and not have to wear a uniform outfit.
  • The bouncer In some clubs or venues, bachelor parties are even forbidden (as they often arrive drunk, rabble-rousing and not spending much money), which can lead to difficulties in getting in. In addition, some venues have certain dress codes or do not accept large groups with uniform clothing to maintain the atmosphere or balance in the club.
  • Cost: bachelor party t-shirts cost money and if they are just for the evening, it’s kind of a waste of money too….
  • Conspicuousness: wearing bachelor party t-shirts makes you instantly recognizable as a bachelor party attendee. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s also not always desirable.

What are the alternatives to the bachelor party t-shirt?

There are several alternatives to the classic bachelor party t-shirt:

No t-shirts or disguises: Instead of wearing special bachelor party attire, you can forgo t-shirts or disguises and instead focus on other activities or events. For example, you could plan a boat ride together, a paintball outing, or a wine tasting.

A full costume or disguise: An alternative to the stag party t-shirt is a full costume or special disguise for the bachelor/bachelorette and their guests. This can range from superheroes to fairy tale characters to movie and television characters. For example, you could dress up as a group of superheroes or as Star Wars characters.

Individual accessories: instead of a full bachelor party outfit, you can focus on individual accessories that fit the theme. For example, all guests could wear matching hats, sunglasses, ties, bow ties or bracelets that are uniform in design and symbolize the cohesiveness of the group. Design personalized accessories such as water bottles, key chains, buttons or refrigerator magnets with special bachelor party motifs or sayings. These can serve as souvenirs and keep the bachelor party spirit going after the event.

Party decorations only, no disguises: If you want to forgo special bachelor party attire or disguises, you can decorate the party location or venue thematically instead. Use party accessories like balloons, garlands, banners, tablecloths and napkins in the colors and patterns of the bachelor party theme. Add photo accessories such as fun signs, glasses, or hats to help guests have fun while taking pictures. Setting up inflatables or life-size figures that match the theme can also create a fun atmosphere. This way, the party venue can be transformed into a festive place that presents the stag party in a stylish and themed way, without the guests having to wear special clothes.

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Conclusion and FAQ: Some people love them, others hate them!

They are a popular choice to mark the bachelor party, build community spirit and create a festive atmosphere. They can be uniformly designed to represent the theme or motto of the party and emphasize the cohesiveness of the group. Bachelor party t-shirts offer the opportunity to use creative designs, sayings or logos to highlight the groom or bride’s individual style and personality.

However, there are some potential drawbacks as well. Some people may not like the style or prints of the wedding t-shirts and prefer more customized attire. Also, wearing bachelor party t-shirts may cause problems with admission in some clubs or venues. In addition, uniform shirts are immediately recognizable as bachelor party, which can be uncomfortable.

Ultimately, the decision for or against stag party t-shirts depends on everyone’s preferences, concerns and budget. And that’s how you should handle it: Discuss as a group and make a joint decision!

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