If you are planning a bachelor party, a suitable decoration is a must to create the right atmosphere. A Bachelor Party garland is a simple and inexpensive way to decorate the party room and underline the motto of the celebration. Whether printed with names, sayings or motifs or self-made from colorful paper – there are many ways to design a Bachelor Party garland and adapt to the individual ideas.

In this article you will learn everything important about the topic of Bachelor Party garlands and get tips on how to design them yourself or where you can buy them, so that your stag party party will be an unforgettable experience.

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Bachelor Party Garlande
Bachelor Party garland for decoration | ©VTT Studio – stock.adobe.com

How big should the garland be?

Before you even start choosing garlands for the bachelor party, you need to consider the size. In small rooms you should rather use several small garlands. In large halls, the garlands should already run from one wall to the other and be stretched over the tables.

You should never cut large garlands to size. This usually does not work, because many Bachelor Party garlands are stretched with elastic. Once the elastic is cut, the stag party garland can no longer be stretched.

Please also think about the attachment. Ideally, the bachelor party garlands can be tied to solid objects. You should rather not use adhesive tape. It will come off over time.

Coordinate with other decorations

  • Also pay attention to motifs and colors. The bachelor party garlands should be adapted to the rest of the decoration. If the bachelor party stands under a certain motto, then you can also adapt the garlands to it.
  • Decorative Bachelor Party garlands with print can be perfectly combined with plain garlands. Generally, the colors of the stag party garlands should harmonize with the decoration. The shapes should also be fluid.
  • The material of the Bachelor Party garlands you need to depend on the location of the party. For parties under open spaces, plastic garlands for the bachelor party are recommended. They can also get wet and damp.
  • Paper Bachelor Party garlands are only suitable for indoors. But be careful if you use candles. Paper garlands should generally always be placed close to the ceiling. So the fire hazard is low.

Bachelor Party garland easy to make yourself

A homemade Bachelor Party garland is an easy and inexpensive way to decorate the party and emphasize the theme of the celebration. Here is a step-by-step guide to making a stag party garland:

Materials needed

  • Colored paper or cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Hole punch
  • String or thread
  • Optional: glue, pens, glitter


  1. Think about a motto or a saying that you want to immortalize on the garland. Choose plain or patterned paper or cardboard in matching colors.
  2. Cut the paper or cardboard into regular shapes. These can be stars, hearts, letters or other motifs – depending on what fits the theme of the party. Tip: Use a stencil to get even shapes.
  3. Decorate the shapes as desired with pens, glitter or other decorations.
  4. Hole punch the shapes at one corner or the top edge.
  5. Thread a string or twine through the holes in the shapes and tie them together at the end.
  6. Hang the garland from the ceiling or walls and secure with tape.
  7. Ready & cheers!

Tip: Photo garlands as insider tip

The hit at bachelor parties are self-made photo garlands. For this you need a line and clothespin. The cost is about 5 euros.

You stretch the clothesline across the room or attach it to a wall in a wave-like fashion. Attach photos of the bride or groom to the line. You can also document the life of the couple with photos. Children’s pictures are also in demand.

But these Bachelor Party garlands need preparation. First, you need to assemble the appropriate pictures and have them printed. You can divorce the pictures on in heart shape.

Bachelor Party garland buy

Bachelor Party garlands are often available only in an entire decoration pack. Such packs are a cheap alternative. In addition, all motifs are the same. The colors of the individual items are also matched. Such multipacks with balloons and streamers can be bought from 15 euros.

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