A bachelor party in Corona times requires creative concepts. And one thing in advance: having fun, drinking together and celebrating is still possible – it will be different but still cool, we promise. We have already held a stag party online and really had a lot of fun!

Below you will learn what options you have and what there is to prepare for a virtual bachelor party.


  • Someone should have the hat on: Because a virtual party is more than a video call, but it will be really cool!
  • It’s best to mix a few games with events and individual program points.
  • Start planning at least 2-4 weeks in advance and think about funny photos.

F* you Corona! Celebrate your bachelor party online! | ©oneinchpunch – stock.adobe.com

Online Events & Games

Just because restaurants and bars are closed doesn’t mean there aren’t some events for you to enjoy!

  • Beverage tasting: Either one of your friends takes on the role of the connoisseur or you call in an expert. You can taste different types of beverages: rum, whiskey or good wines. You will find various providers on Google, just search for “Rum Tasting Online” (or “Wine Tasting Online” etc…). You have to plan some time in advance, so that the drinks can be delivered to you.
  • Online Guided Tour: There are also guided tours of famous museums. Have you always wanted to visit the Louvre or Buckingham Palace but don’t want to wait in line? Perfect, book together a tour of a museum, building, etc. of your choice.
  • Online gambling: Are you a close-knit group that always meets up to play computer or Playstation games? Then start with a round! But you should only see it as part of the program, otherwise the online party is nothing special anymore.
  • Mystery dinner: Take on the role of a detective and find the murderer among yourselves. You take part in an online game together and have to find the murderer among yourselves.
  • Quiz: Of course, you can also organize a classic quiz with each other, which is possible with pen and paper (city-country-river) or with an app, but here you would have to register first.

Individual program & really stupid ideas

However, an individual program should not be missing. Here, common stories, pictures, and stories can be integrated.

Pictures and photoshow

  • Photo shows : Shows pictures of shared experiences. For example, from a party a few years ago that everyone remembers. However, you show only a part of the picture (only a section or some parts are covered/pixelated). Everyone else has to guess when the picture is from.
  • Top 10 Pictures/Videos Show: You have many memories together. Bring the most beautiful ones back to the top and present them to each other. Each participant should show the 10 most beautiful memories and pictures from your common past and report about 30-60 seconds per picture of the memory.

Would you have sex with…?

The “Would you have sex with…? Quiz” will certainly please you: The bachelor party traditionally involves a lot of naked skin. But that’s not possible, is it? Sure, how about a fun quiz:

  • You pick out pictures. However, the picture shows only the face, buttocks or torso.
  • Your friends need to decide if they would like to have sex with the person.
  • And then you only uncover that the mother/father, friends, a doll, a transsexual woman/man is behind it.

Dress up!

Set a handful of different styles or mottos – so about 3 to 5 different ones. Depending on whether you’re serious or just looking for something to laugh about, these could be the following mottos:

  • Epochs (the ancient world, the Middle Ages)
  • Decades (the 80s, 90s)
  • Be dazzling or famous personalities (Lady Gaga, Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Chuck Norris)
  • Something totally crazy (tomato, cactus, a stripper)

You will now each have 10 minutes to transform and then have to present yourselves individually. Also remember that everyone should have a rudimentary makeup kit (especially for men, most women should have enough basic equipment). Trust us, this is going to be GREAT! 😀

Baking/ Crafting together

Of course, you can also do “ordinary” activities together. So just cook together, bake or do some handicrafts.

  • Just decide beforehand what you would like to prepare or make. Either everyone makes sure that he / she has the ingredients at home or one takes over the order for all.
  • If you want to spice things up a bit, set a prize (or penalty) for the best score beforehand.
  • Who is the winner is decided by a score evaluation of the participants. Each evaluates the result of the other (based on appearance, creativity, speed, etc.) with a score from 1-10, so a ranking is created.

Show something

Not everyone is a good singer, dancer, painter, etc. But that’s exactly why the following game is so much fun:

  • Each of you may choose one song. The game master writes it down on a piece of paper and then turns it over.
  • The game master shuffles the slips of paper and then each participant in the online party is assigned a song. This song must now be sung or danced to.
  • To do this, simply play the song on YouTube etc.. If you want to sing it, just search for an Akapella version.
  • Tip: If necessary, you can find all the lyrics online.


The game leader determines a few things that the participants must now look for or collect in the apartment. However, you only have 1-2 minutes for this. In principle, this can be anything, for example:

  • Search things that make music
  • Find things that are purple
  • Find furnishings that start with Y
  • Search for clothes that Chuck Norris would like

The participants decide after each round who is the winner or loser.

Online drinking games

All our proposals can be very easily transformed into drinking games. Because there is always a winner or a loser. Therefore, it’s up to you whether you make a drinking game out of it.

Drinking together is less alone! ©Studio Romantic – stock.adobe.com

This could look like this:

  • After each round, everyone drinks.
  • The loser must always drink.
  • The winner may specify a participant who must drink (but no more than 2x in a row the / the same).

Tip: If you want to host online drinking games, make sure everyone has an appropriate assortment at home. It’s even better if you all have a specific list of drinks and glasses of the same size, then it’s even fairer.

Necessary equipment

So that you do not fail at the technique and all have the same conditions, you should pay attention to the following points or prepare it:

  • Smartphone, tablet or computer: This is of course a basic requirement. Everyone must have a camera and a screen available. If someone does not have the possibility, he/she should ask the neighbor or friends beforehand.
  • Battery: Yes, it’s trivial, but think about it. If you want to make a video call for a few hours, you should have a full battery. It’s best to have a power bank or charging cable handy.
  • Drinks: Do you want to drink together? Then make sure that no one is left out in the cold. It’s best to make a list of drinks so you can all drink the same thing.
  • Snacks: Don’t forget to bring some snacks. If you play all afternoon or evening, your stomach will growl.
  • Other odds and ends: As a backup, everyone should have a piece of paper and a pen. Because if the technology breaks down, you can fall back on it.

Tips for the online Bachelor Party

For you to run really hot and have fun, you should pay attention to the following points.

Video Conferences

You also need the necessary technology for a video conference. You can use well-known tools for this. But remember that everyone must have the app or you can use browser-based tools.

  • Apps: Everyone must have the app installed, you may also need to have each other in the friends list and the number of participants is sometimes limited. Providers here include Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype, Google You, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams.
  • Browser-based tools: You simply open a link in your browser. It is important that you all give permission (microphone and camera), otherwise it will not work. Also check if there is a limitation of participants. Providers here are among others Whereby, Jitsi Meet, JumpChat

We’ve all been on video calls and it just didn’t work out… So keep the following tips in mind. Because nothing is more annoying than when it fails because of the technology:

  • Choose a tech-savvy friend to take care of the video call. He has the hat on, all others follow him/her
  • Test run the day before: Check whether it works and one day before (without the bachelor or bachelorette).
  • All tool providers have their weaknesses, so you better have a plan B. This way nothing can go wrong. So nothing can go wrong.


One of you should be the host. He has all the phone numbers, he takes care of the orders for drinks or other equipment. With her/him the threads run together. For a bachelor party, this is usually the best man or best friend.

Send party boxes

So that not everything only takes place online you can also send party boxes. This gives the whole thing a completely different touch. Because in the last few months we were all on many online video conferences. And a virtual bachelor party or a cool online party should stand out a bit.

You also have the option to include a few surprises. This can be, for example, drinks, joint bachelor party T-shirts, artificial beards, or a disposable camera!

Motto/ Dress code

If a “dress show” is not part of your program anyway, you can set a theme or dress code.

  • This can be a typical bachelor party outfit, for example.
  • However, everyone can also be given a different theme, which adds a little spice to the whole party. For example, the game master can assign a personality to each participant. The participant must then dress up and imitate the style.
  • You can also simply choose a certain clothing style: for example, a color or style from a decade or something similar.

The follow-up

The online bachelor party actually sounds pretty cool, right? It is! 😊 But so that you can live off the memories for a long time, just like at a normal bachelor party, pictures are important.

  • Therefore, take screenshots of all activities. It is best if one person takes care of this.
  • Send a one-time camera to all participants. Everybody has to take full pictures. This costs about 10€ and has space for 25 pictures.

One of you will then take care of a photo book or distribute the pictures among your friends.