What is actually behind a bachelor party? How much can it cost and who actually plans the whole thing? Does it really have to take place the day before the wedding and who bears the costs?

You are invited or even have to plan a JGA and don’t know what to do? Welcome to our beginner information – with answers to the most important questions.


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FAQ Junggesellenabschied
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What is a bachelor party?

A bachelor party (in the United States and sometimes in Canada), also known as a stag weekend, stag do or stag party (in the United Kingdom, Commonwealth countries, and Ireland), or a buck’s night (in Australia)[1] is a party held/arranged by the man who is shortly to enter marriage.[2]

According to Wikipedia

In other words, before the wedding, the best friends or girlfriends meet and celebrate together again – each without the partner. Mostly, the celebration takes place only among men or women.

However, nowadays this is no longer taken very seriously

  • If a girl celebrates with the boys, or a boy with the girls, it’s not the end of the world
  • Besides, it doesn’t have to be a big celebration, if you feel like a nice hike, a day at the lake or a visit to the museum then that’s totally fine!

When do you celebrate the bachelor party instead?

The bachelor party is celebrated before the wedding. However, there is no clear cut-off date for this

  • That the JGA must or should take place the day before the wedding is nonsense. This is suggested in popular movies (like Hangover), but would be quite stressful for all involved
  • Tip: Celebrate it 2-4 weeks before the wedding. That way you can celebrate without stress and he won’t get in the way with the wedding.

Why celebrate the bachelor party?

This is a good question, probably everyone must decide this question for themselves. Bachelor parties used to be considered “preparation” for marriage, however, it’s not like you would learn much here….

  • It is mainly for the friends a celebration and a kind of“farewell party” of the bachelor or bachelorette from the bachelor life. At which one again really hits the dust
  • One can understand it also in such a way that it is a clear signal and thus everyone becomes clear that this person is now in firm hands and is no longer “available on the market”
  • Furthermore, there remains the component that is more likely to be used in the polterabend: wish good luck and keep away the evil spirits. Through the noise of the poltergeist (that is, breaking the dishes), the evil spirits should be kept away

Where do you celebrate the bachelor party?

Basically, you can celebrate wherever you like.

  • Large cities promise many entertainment options, bars, clubs and action. But a pub crawl in a smaller town also has its charm.
  • You can party in nature and a weekend at a secluded cabin with your best friends is also a great option.
  • A celebration at home is also an option. It saves money and travel, accommodation, etc. often require less planning.

Preferences are in constant flux and Corona has changed everything yet again. It is best to do what you feel most like.

Who organizes the bachelor party?

Who does the planning is not conclusively settled. Normally this task lies with the best friends. Often they are also the witnesses of the marriage .

  • They should be in charge of the planning and, if necessary, involve a few other participants and take over the coordination (e.g. of the date).
  • If the key points are clarified, you can also split up, for example, one person plans the journey, accommodation and Co. and another person the activities and party.

You can also let an agency do the whole thing, they will do the work for you – which can be fun though. Here you can find some basic tips:

  • Too many cooks spoil the broth: Everyone has good ideas and means well, but at the end of the day someone has to wear the hat. So feel free to try to clarify a few ideas in the group, but the planning committee shouldn’t get too big or it will degenerate into chaos.
  • Clear agreements: Agree on a few key points, the date, budget, location and participants should be in place early. And if it is agreed, you should stick to the arrangements if possible.

Who pays for the bachelor party?

Usually, each guest pays a certain amount for common expenses of the group (for example, activities, accommodation, certain booked packages, etc.). In this case, the costs for the bachelor/ette are borne by the group and he or she does not pay anything. But the bachelor or bachelorette can, or should 😀 of course spend the one or other round in the evening.

However, this issue is not quite simple…

  • The wedding represents a big expense for the wedding couple, as well as for the guests. And the bachelor party can also be very expensive, quickly running into triple digits.
  • Not everyone has the same financial resources. If a friend is short on cash or just doesn’t earn that much, the wedding and bachelor party are big financial burdens.
  • So if there are friends who have a lot at their disposal or where things are tight at the moment, you should act amicably (and they will generously cover the costs for the bachelor, for example).

Tip: Collect money in a common cash box. At a certain point, you will have to book, make deposits, etc. Therefore, all participants must also commit and everyone should pay a pre-defined contribution into a common pot. Otherwise someone will be left with the costs in the end..

Who will come to the bachelor party?

The bachelor party is planned by the best friends. These come so already times in any case. Furthermore they can estimate quite well who counts to the important friends.

  • Mostly the clique results from itself and consists of the best friends and brothers and sisters, these are also set (except there is really no more contact).
  • There may still be a few old friends who now live elsewhere, but with whom there is still a sincere friendship.

A few more tips:

  • You should have a homogeneous group together. So you should fit together, have no open feuds and not have a completely opposite image of a nice evening.
  • The group shouldn’ t be too big (for 20 people it’s just very hard to plan…), but also shouldn’t consist of only 2 people. As a rule of thumb, around 10-12 people is a good maximum.
  • Are there any program points that are really important to you and are only possible with a certain or maximum number of participants?
  • It is your decision whether to schedule only men or only women.
  • Set a date for the JGA early and invite early, with a deadline (and also an associated deposit!)
  • Have a solution for sudden drop-offs or an unexpected guest. But also tell all attendees that this must please remain the exception.

What do you do at the bachelor party?

At the JGA you do what you feel like doing the most, simple!

  • You don ‘t have to follow any “must-haves”. Even if in many movies girls only drive around in limousines and drink champagne and men give in strip clubs and drink themselves senseless – it is your choice. You can do that or you can do something completely different!
  • Do something that will be remembered and that you like. Be it a nice trip, a short trip, a sporting event or you celebrate wildly. Try to do something that you don’t usually do
  • Also check out our program ideas, you’ll find lots of inspiration there!

What do you give at a bachelor party?

Do you give anything at all? Not really, and it’s not obligatory in any case. You spend your time together, that’s gift enough, besides there is yes the upcoming wedding, where gifts are very common

Therefore our tip:

  • There are no gifts, but something much better: a memory book after the bachelor party. In this book, each participant enters a small statement (with colorful pens, stickers) and a common picture of the bachelor party. We guarantee you, this book will always be worth a look and represents a great memory
  • Furthermore, you can design and wear a joint JGA T-shirt . This is also a nice souvenir and if it does not survive the evening, it is not tragic 😉

What to wear at the bachelor party?

This question divides the spirits: some want a disguise, others want common T-shirts or you do without it altogether. And these are exactly the options you have, with a few pros and cons.

  • No disguise: You’ll also have no problem getting into the club.
  • JGA T-shirts: represent a beautiful memory. But you are also directly recognizable as a bachelor party group.
  • A crazy costume: Is funny and something unusual, but also very impractical for activities and Co.
  • Accessories: There are different mottos that you can style completely or just a few smaller accessories, such as sunglasses or a crown.

Whatever you decide, think about the whole evening and question whether you can implement everything with it. In addition, you should better plan a plan B, or a spare clothes.

Must the bride and groom or the sexes celebrate separately?

There are no clear rules at the JGA, however, we would recommend:

  • No joint celebration of bride and groom. This may be a little disappointing for your friends and the celebration is primarily for them. If that is what you want, then it is not a bachelor party, but a joint celebration before the wedding – analogous to the bachelor party
  • Whether now men and women celebrate separately or also times a woman with the men and a man with the women along-celebrates, is left to the group

How much can the bachelor party cost?

The bachelor party can be quite an expensive pleasure. And it is quite inconvenient before the wedding. If you add up the costs in some JGA movies, you are quickly at 500€ per person or above. The cost of the JGA, however, depends largely on the program and the design of the JGA

For example: A weekend trip – 450€

  • If a flight, a hotel and Co is required, the cost per participant is already at least 250€ per person (flight 150€ minimum, 2 nights hotel at least 80€).
  • In addition there are activities, so for example two activities – 65€ (for example 40€ playing Gotcha, party bus 25€ per person)
  • And a party as well as going out to eat twice – 90€ (entrance fee and drinks 50€, going out to eat twice 40€)
  • Plus pocket money – 45€, for a snack in between, a cab ride etc

So don’t kid yourselves, the whole thing is expensive, so discuss what it may cost. And there are also great, inexpensive alternatives!

  • A day at the lake with your best friends – about 20€/ person
  • A good house party with barbecue and good music – about 30€/ person
  • A bike tour with a stop in a beer garden – about 25€/ person
  • A pub crawl, with a picnic in front of it – ca. 50€/ person

You will find something suitable!

Does the bachelor party exist worldwide?

Yes, actually, the bachelor party has also come to Germany from abroad. It really started with well-known international movies about the JGA (Hangover and Co.). Here you can find translations for the most widespread languages, partly there are many terms

GermanJunggesellenabschied, Junggesellinnenabschied – Polterabend (but not the same)
English (US, GB)bachelor party, bachelorette party, stag night, stag party, stag do, hen night
English (Australia)buck’s night, buck’s party
Frenchenterrement de vie de garçon / jeune, enterrement de vie de célibataire
Spanishdespedida de soltero

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