A bachelor party is a special occasion that deserves an equally special celebration. In this post, you’ll learn how to plan an unforgettable bachelor party in Lausanne. From unique activities that are only possible in this city to classic ideas that are popular in every city, we’ve got it covered.

Read on to find out why Lausanne is the perfect place for an unforgettable bachelor party.

What makes Lausanne special?

Lausanne, the Olympic Capital, is a city that stands out for its unique blend of historic charm and modern flair. Known for its picturesque location on Lake Geneva and its vibrant cultural scene, Lausanne offers a wealth of activities to make any bachelor party a memorable experience.

Whether you’re a wine lover, history buff or night owl, Lausanne has something for everyone. A bachelor party in Lausanne is therefore an excellent choice for those looking for a unique and unforgettable celebration.

Bachelor Party Lausanne
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Activities and program

Are you planning a bachelor party in Lausanne and looking for exciting activities and a varied program? Get inspired by the numerous possibilities of this charming city and create an unforgettable day for you and the groom/bride.

Special activities in the city

  1. Boat trip on Lake Geneva: experience the majestic beauty of Lausanne from the water! The boat ride offers breathtaking views of the city, the Alps and the sparkling Lake Geneva. Excellent for nature lovers and romantics who want to spend a relaxing time on the water. You can choose different boat tours depending on the length and thematic focus, such as a romantic evening cruise or an informative sightseeing tour.
  2. Visit wineries: Lausanne is proud of its excellent wineries that produce some of the best Swiss wines. Wine tasting is not only an opportunity to taste delicious drops, but also an insight into the centuries-old wine tradition of the region. Perfect for wine lovers and those who want to learn more about winemaking. You can visit wineries in the Lavaux region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its terraced vineyards.
  3. Guided tour of the city: Take an exciting journey through time on the streets of Lausanne! An experienced city guide will lead you to the historic landmarks and tell captivating stories about the city. Just the thing for history buffs who want to discover Lausanne from a new perspective. You can choose between thematic tours, such as an architectural tour or a haunted tour in the historic alleys of the old town.
  4. The Olympic Museum: The Olympic Museum is a real treasure for sports enthusiasts and Olympic fans. Here you can explore the fascinating history of the Olympic Games and even check out interactive exhibits. Perfect for sports fans and anyone who wants to experience Olympic excitement up close. The museum is set in the middle of a beautiful park with stunning views of Lake Geneva.
  5. Sailing on Lake Geneva: Fancy a pinch of adventure? Sailing allows you to enjoy the fresh breeze and get behind the wheel yourself. Suitable for those who are looking for an adrenaline rush and want to experience the beauty of Lake Geneva from a new perspective. You can rent sailboats with experienced skippers who will teach you the basics of sailing and guide you through the waters.
  6. Lausanne Nightlife: Lausanne is known for its vibrant nightlife! Get carried away by the variety of bars and clubs in the city. Optimal for party people and those who want to dance and party until the wee hours of the morning. The trendy neighborhoods of Flon and Ouchy are especially popular for nighttime fun. Celebrate the bachelor party in the best company while sampling the best cocktails in town and dancing to the hottest beats. Turn the night into day and create unforgettable memories of your last night of freedom.
  7. Lausanne Cathedral: The Gothic Lausanne Cathedral is a masterpiece of architecture and offers a spectacular view over the city. Perfect for culture and history buffs who appreciate the impressive architecture and spiritual significance of this historic site. Climb the steep stairs of the tower to be rewarded with an incomparable panoramic view over Lausanne.
  8. Plateforme 10 Art Center: This art center is a paradise for art enthusiasts! The three museums house a rich collection of contemporary art, photography and design. Ideal for creatives and art lovers who want to be inspired by the innovative works. Plateforme 10 is close to Lausanne train station and easy to reach.
  9. Relax in the Botanical Garden: At the Botanical Garden, you can relax amidst lush plant life and blooming flowers. Perfect for nature lovers and those looking for a quiet break from the hustle and bustle of city life. The garden also offers beautiful picnic areas to enjoy the greenery to the fullest. Learn more about the diverse plant life and be enchanted by the colors and scents of the flowers. The Botanical Garden is also an ideal place for group photos and relaxed togetherness. Spend some peaceful time in nature as you prepare for the exciting day ahead.
  10. Aquatis Aquarium-Vivarium: Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of freshwater creatures! Aquatis offers an interactive experience with a variety of aquariums and vivariums. Just the thing for families and animal lovers who want to explore the underwater world and get up close and personal with exotic species. The aquarium is located just outside the city center, but is easily accessible by public transportation.
  11. Lausanne History Museum: delve into the history of Lausanne and the region at the History Museum. Perfect for history buffs who are passionate about the city’s past. Exhibitions offer a comprehensive look at the historical events that shaped Lausanne, from ancient to modern times.
  12. Lausanne Opera: For music lovers and culture enthusiasts, a visit to the Lausanne Opera is an absolute must. The opera offers a variety of impressive performances, from classical operas to ballet and contemporary productions. The beautiful architecture and first-class acoustics of the opera house create a unique atmosphere that will make your evening an unforgettable experience.
  13. Breathtaking view from the Sauvabelin Tower: The Sauvabelin Tower offers a breathtaking panoramic view over Lausanne and Lake Geneva. Perfect for those who want to enjoy a breathtaking view. The tower is located on Sauvabelin Hill and can be reached either on foot or by public transportation. The climb to the tower is an experience in itself, and when you reach the observation deck, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the city, the lake and the surrounding countryside. The perfect place to take souvenir photos and enjoy the special moment together.
  14. Lausanne Market: The Lausanne Market is a lively place offering local products, handicrafts and culinary delights. It’s just the thing for those who want to experience local culture firsthand. Stroll through the market, sample regional specialties and grab unique souvenirs to make your bachelor party unforgettable. From fresh fruits and vegetables to handmade gifts, you’ll find a variety of treasures to enhance your day.
  15. Palais de Rumine: The Palais de Rumine is an imposing building in the center of Lausanne that houses several important museums. Suitable for culture buffs and history buffs who are passionate about art, natural history and archaeology. Explore the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts (Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts), the Musée et jardins botaniques cantonaux (Museum and Botanical Gardens) and the Musée de géologie de Lausanne (Lausanne Geological Museum) under one roof.
Excursion Lausanne
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Classics in any city

  1. Pub Crawl: A pub crawl is a casual and fun way to explore Lausanne’s local bar scene and have a memorable night out with your friends. From cozy pubs to trendy bars, there’s something for everyone. Get swept away by the charming locales and lively conversations while sampling different drinks and cocktails.
  2. Beauty Day: Pamper yourself and your girls with a relaxing beauty day! Lausanne offers numerous top-notch spas and wellness centers where you can pamper yourself from head to toe. Enjoy relaxing massages, invigorating facials and refreshing beauty rituals.
  3. Paintball: get out your action hero attitude and plunge into an exciting paintball adventure! Lausanne offers special outdoor arenas where you can shoot your way to the crown of victory with paintballs. Ideal for those who are looking for an adrenaline rush and want to prove their teamwork skills. The thrill of the paintball game and the exciting hunt for the opposing team will create unforgettable memories and strengthen your cohesion as a group.
  4. Photo shoot: Have your bachelor party captured in stylish pictures! A professional photo shoot offers the opportunity to capture shared memories in a unique and creative way. A talented photographer will guide you to the most beautiful locations in Lausanne and put you in the right light. Whether it’s individual portraits or group photos, the photo shoot will conjure up smiling faces and spontaneous poses. The beautiful shots will remind you of this special day for a long time.
  5. City rally: Go on an action-packed city rally through Lausanne! With your teams you will solve tricky puzzles, master exciting challenges and explore the city in a playful way. Perfect for those who are looking for an entertaining challenge and want to strengthen their team spirit. The city rally will take you to the most famous sights and hidden gems of the city. A witty city guide will accompany you and provide plenty of fun and laughs along the way.
  6. Guided city tours: Let a local guide lead you through the charming streets and alleys of Lausanne! The city tour offers interesting insights into the history, culture and secrets of the city. Suitable for history buffs and culture enthusiasts who want to experience the local flair of Lausanne. The guide’s lively narration will bring past times to life and show you the hidden treasures of the city that you might miss on your own.
  7. Party Bus: Turn the streets of Lausanne into your own personal dance floor! A party bus is a cool and extravagant way to celebrate your bachelor party. The Party on Wheels offers music, drinks and a rousing atmosphere. Perfect for those who want to experience an unforgettable party with friends. The party bus will take you to the hottest spots in the city as you party hard and turn night into day. An unforgettable party tour that will make you and your friends shine.
  8. Crime Dinner: Dive into a mysterious world of crime and intrigue! At the crime dinner you slip into the roles of detectives and experience an interactive theater experience. The exciting combination of drama and culinary delights makes this evening a special highlight. Ideal for those who like to solve puzzles and immerse themselves in another world. The mystery dinner provides thrills and entertainment while you try to crack the case together with your friends.
  9. Jewelry Workshop: Let your creative streak blossom and design unique pieces of jewelry! In a jewelry workshop you can create your own rings, bracelets or pendants. Perfect for those who want to explore their artistic side and take home something unique as a keepsake. The workshop is led by experienced jewelers who will guide you step-by-step through the design process. A wonderful way to create beautiful keepsakes together and seal your friendship.
  10. Cooking class: Discover the culinary diversity of Lausanne in a fun cooking class! Under the guidance of an experienced chef, you can prepare local specialties and discover new taste sensations. Excellent for gourmets and connoisseurs who want to refine their cooking skills. The cooking class offers a convivial atmosphere where you cook, eat and share delicious creations together. A treat for the palate and soul that will make your bachelor party a culinary highlight.
  11. Wine tasting: Dive into the fascinating world of wine at a wine tasting in Lausanne! The region is known for its excellent wines, and the wine tasting offers the opportunity to taste some of the best drops. Perfect for wine lovers and those who want to learn more about the local culture. An experienced sommelier will guide you through the tasting, explaining the flavors and characteristics of each grape variety. An enjoyable and educational activity that will introduce you to the secrets of winemaking and keep you in a good mood.
  12. Spa Day: Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day and recharge your batteries for your special day! Lausanne offers luxurious spas and wellness oases where you can pamper yourself from head to toe. Enjoy soothing massages, refreshing facials and relaxing sauna sessions. Suitable for all those who want to escape from everyday stress and let themselves be pampered all around. The spa day will not only give you relaxation, but also a radiant glow for your celebrations.
  13. Golfing: Spend a relaxing day on the golf course and enjoy the picturesque panorama of Lausanne! Playing golf is an elegant and relaxing activity that is especially popular among men. Perfect for those who want to spend a quiet day outdoors and improve their golf skills. The golf course offers a beautiful setting and a pleasant ambience to play a few rounds together with friends. A sporting and social activity that will enrich your bachelor party in a pleasant atmosphere.
  14. Visit a comedy club: get carried away by hearty laughter in a comedy club! A visit to a comedy club is a casual and fun way to spend the evening. Perfect for those who appreciate a good joke and want to spend a humorous evening with friends. The comedians will make you laugh while you enjoy relaxed drinks and leave the stress of everyday life behind. It’s an entertaining activity that will create a hilarious mood and happy moments.
  15. Attending a concert: let yourself be thrilled by rousing sounds and great music at a concert! A visit to a concert is a lively and rousing way to spend the evening. Perfect for music lovers and those who want to experience a live performance up close. Enjoy the intoxicating atmosphere and dance together to the sounds of your favorite artists. Lausanne’s musical diversity offers something for everyone and makes for an unforgettable night.
  16. Visit a sports game: cheer on your favorite team together and experience the excitement of a sports game live! A visit to a sports game is an exciting and energetic way to spend the day. Perfect for sports fans and those who want to get swept up in the euphoria of the stadium. Together you can cheer on your team and watch the captivating game action. The atmosphere in the stadium will create unforgettable emotions and strengthen the bond among your friends.
  17. Visit a theater: Dive into the world of theater and experience an impressive performance! A visit to a theater is a cultural and captivating way to spend the evening. Suitable for those who want to be carried away by a good spectacle and immerse themselves in another world. Lausanne’s theater performances offer a wide range from classical plays to modern productions. Let yourself be fascinated by the talented actors and experience an unforgettable performance.
  18. Visit a zoo: experiencean animal encounter at the Lausanne Zoo! A visit to a zoo is a fun and educational way to spend the day. Perfect for animal lovers and families who want to discover the diversity of the animal world. The Lausanne Zoo is home to an impressive collection of exotic and domestic animals. Observe the majestic lions, playful monkeys and other fascinating creatures in species-appropriate enclosures. A varied and exciting activity for young and old.
  19. Visit an amusement park: plunge into action-packed fun at Lausanne’s amusement park! A visit to an amusement park is an exciting way to spend the day and share unforgettable moments with friends. Suitable for those who seek thrills and fun. The numerous rides, shows and attractions provide adrenaline and good mood. Together you can chase the roller coasters and enjoy the colorful atmosphere of the park. An eventful day that will enrich your bachelor party with joy and adventure.
Bachelor Party Women Lausanne
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Especially popular with women

  1. Spa day: a spa day is a relaxing and rejuvenating activity that is especially popular among women. It’s a great way to relax and get pampered.
  2. Beauty Day: A beauty day is a relaxing and rejuvenating activity that is especially popular with women. It is a great way to relax and get pampered.
  3. Jewelry Workshop: a jewelry workshop is a creative and fun activity that is especially popular with women. It is a great way to spend the day creating something beautiful and unique.
  4. CookingClass: A cooking class is an educational and fun activity that is especially popular with foodies. It’s a great way to spend the day and learn some new cooking skills.
  5. Wine Tasting: A wine tasting is an excellent activity for wine lovers and those who want to learn more about the local culture. It’s a great way to spend the day and sample some of the region’s best wines.
Bachelor Party Men Lausanne
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Especially popular with men

  1. Paintball: Paintball is an exciting and action-packed activity that is especially popular with men. It’s a great way to spend the day being active and feeling some adrenaline.
  2. Golfing: Playing golf is a relaxing and fun activity that is especially popular with men. It’s a great way to spend the day being active and enjoying some fresh air.
  3. Attending a sports game: attending a sports game is an exciting and fun way to spend the day. It is a great activity for sports fans.
  4. Pub crawl: A pub crawl is a popular activity for a bachelor party. It is a great way to explore the local bar scene and have a good time with friends.
  5. Party Bus: A party bus is an exciting and unique way to turn night into day. It is a great activity for those who love a good party.

Culinary Ideas

Are you looking for culinary ideas for the bachelor party in Lausanne? Discover the diverse gastronomic scene of this charming city and indulge in delicious food and drinks.

Food courts in Lausanne

Lausanne offers a variety of culinary experiences. Some of the most famous food miles are:

  • Rue de Bourg: This street is known for its numerous restaurants and cafes. You’ll find a variety of culinary options here, from traditional Swiss cuisine to international dishes.
  • Flon district: This modern and trendy district is known for its diverse gastronomy. From street food to gourmet restaurants to trendy bars, there’s something for everyone here.
  • Ouchy Promenade: Along this beautiful promenade on Lake Geneva, you’ll find numerous restaurants and cafés serving fresh seafood and traditional Swiss dishes.

Typical food for Lausanne

Lausanne offers a variety of local specialties. Here are three of them:

  • Fondue: This traditional Swiss dish, which involves dipping pieces of bread in melted cheese, is a must-try for any visitor.
  • Raclette: Another traditional Swiss dish where melted cheese is scraped over potatoes and other side dishes.
  • Papet Vaudois: This traditional dish from the canton of Vaud consists of leeks and potatoes cooked into a stew and served with a Vaudois sausage.

Famous restaurants in Lausanne

Lausanne is also home to some excellent restaurants. Here are three of them:

  • Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville: This three Michelin-starred restaurant in Crissier, a suburb of Lausanne, is known for its exquisite cuisine and excellent service.
  • Brasserie de Montbenon: This restaurant offers breathtaking views of Lake Geneva and serves traditional Swiss dishes with a modern twist.
  • Pinte Besson: As the oldest restaurant in Lausanne, Pinte Besson is a place full of history. Here you can enjoy traditional Swiss dishes in a cozy and historic setting.

Enjoy your meal!

Party Lausanne
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When it comes to an unforgettable bachelor party, Lausanne is the perfect place to turn night into day. With a vibrant atmosphere, hip clubs and exciting bars, the city offers plenty of options for an unforgettable celebration.

Nightlife districts in Lausanne

  1. Flon district: This district is the futuristic city center of Lausanne and is known for its vibrant nightlife. Here you will find a variety of bars and clubs that are open until the early hours of the morning.
  2. Ruede Bourg: Rue de Bourg is one of the busiest streets in Lausanne. It is known for its variety of bars and clubs, including “Le Bourg”, a venue for concerts and performances of all kinds.
  3. Quartier Sévelin: The Quartier Sévelin is another hotspot for nightlife in Lausanne. Among other things, the popular concert hall “Les Docks” is located here, which is known for its versatile music events.

Clubs/ Bars in Lausanne

  1. Hype Club: The Hype Club is a new address in Lausanne and is known for its numerous events. Well-known French rappers such as SCH, DjaDja & Dinaz, Ninho or Koba LaD have already given their showcases here.
  2. U Bar: The U Bar, or rather Urban Bar, is located in the heart of Lausanne. It is entirely dedicated to urban music and offers music styles such as hip-hop, dancehall, soul and funk.
  3. Le Lapin Vert: At Lapin Vert you will always get well chilled beer and quality cocktails. Located in the historic center of Lausanne, it is a legendary meeting place of the Lausanne night scene.
  4. Barberousse: Barberousse stands for a unique concept. The music bar is inspired by the world of pirates and specializes in rum.
  5. LausanneCocktail Club: Located in the city center, Lausanne Cocktail Club (LCC) is the ideal place for after-work parties. Enjoy original, freshly made cocktails and modern Asian-inspired snacks in a relaxed atmosphere.

For an unforgettable bachelor party in Lausanne, these places are ideal. They offer a variety of musical styles and atmospheres to suit all tastes.


Be enchanted by the fascinating sights in Lausanne! During your bachelor party, you can not only have an unforgettable party, but also discover the impressive beauty of this city. Let’s take a look together at the exciting attractions Lausanne has to offer.

  1. LausanneCathedral: Lausanne Cathedral is a must-see for any visitor. It is considered one of the most beautiful Gothic art monuments in Europe and offers a magnificent view of the entire city, Lake Geneva and the Alps. The 224 steps that separate you from the top of the cathedral are quickly forgotten as soon as you see the breathtaking scenery in front of you. Perfect for an unforgettable bachelor party in Lausanne.
  2. The Olympic Museum: An absolute must for sports fans is the Olympic Museum. An interactive exhibition that will take you on a journey through the history of the Olympic Games and will delight young and old alike! An ideal place for a sporty bachelor party.
  3. Ouchy and its lakeside quays: go for a walk, take a nap in a park or simply admire the view of Lake Geneva and the mountains – all this is possible in Ouchy. A relaxing place for a bachelor party in Lausanne.
  4. The Lavaux Vineyards: Lavaux is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a timeless place to visit during a stay in Lausanne. It’s a unique place whose steep paths make you want to take an extended walk. As icing on the cake, you can round off the excursion with a tasting of Lavaux wines in a wine cellar. Perfect for an enjoyable bachelor party.
  5. Lake Geneva: Lake Geneva is a major asset for the city of Lausanne. Its shores are a real magnet for visitors: Here you can laze on the beach, take a trip on the famous steamboats of the Compagnie générale de navigation, try your hand at wakeboarding, stand-up paddleboarding or water skiing – or take a pedal boat ride in Ouchy and a quick dip in the water in Vidy. The lake is part of the Lausanne way of life and a great place for a bachelor party.
  6. The viewpoints: Lausanne is built on three hills and is quite a steep city. This unusual topography makes for fantastic vantage points: from the top of the cathedral, the Sauvabelin Tower, the Esplanade de Montbenon or the Esplanade du Flon. It’s a real pleasure to stroll through Lausanne, camera in hand, and explore the city as it holds countless surprises! An ideal place for an unforgettable bachelor party in Lausanne.
Lausanne Planning
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Planning tips

Are you planning an unforgettable bachelor party in Lausanne and looking for helpful tips on planning? Don’t worry, we have the best advice for you to make your stay perfect.

General tips

When planning a bachelor party in Lausanne, it is important to start early. This will give you enough time to make all the necessary bookings and reservations.

  • Costs can vary depending on the activities you plan to do, but you should budget around 200-300 CHF per person for the entire day. This includes food, drinks, activities and possibly accommodation.
  • For a more affordable stay, you can focus on free or low-cost activities, such as walking around the city or visiting the many free museums.
  • For a more spectacular stay, you might consider a private boat ride on Lake Geneva or a visit to one of Lausanne’s many high-end restaurants.


Lausanne offers a variety of accommodation options, from hostels and youth hostels to hotels and Airbnb.

  • A good choice for a bachelor party might be the “Lausanne Guesthouse & Backpacker,” which offers inexpensive rooms in a central location.
  • If you are looking for something more luxurious, the “Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa” could be a good option. It is located in the heart of Lausanne and offers luxurious rooms and a spa.
  • When choosing accommodation, you should take into account the proximity to the planned activities and nightlife. The city center and the Flon neighborhood are good options as they host many bars, clubs and restaurants.

Arrival/ Mobility

Lausanne is easily accessible by train, with direct connections to most major cities in Switzerland. Geneva Airport is the closest international airport and is only a short train ride away.

Within the city, the public transportation network is very well developed, with buses, streetcars, and even a subway. Bicycles and e-scooters are also widely available and can be a great way to explore the city. It is also possible to rent boats to explore Lake Geneva.


When planning a bachelor party in Lausanne, the question often arises: should you dress up or not? The answer depends entirely on the group and the style of the bachelor party. Some prefer a casual atmosphere, while others take the opportunity to dress up in outlandish costumes and catch the eye.

  • One popular option is to wear matching t-shirts. These can be printed with the groom’s name, the date of the bachelor party or a funny saying. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to keep the group together and celebrate the occasion.
  • For those who like something a little more outlandish, there are countless costume ideas. From superheroes and movie characters to traditional Swiss outfits, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. It can also be fun to set a specific theme for the day, such as “80s” or “Hawaiian”.

Alternatives/ excursions in the region

Lausanne is not only an attractive destination itself, but also an excellent starting point for excursions in the region. Here are some interesting cities and nature places you can visit during your bachelor party in Lausanne:


  1. Geneva: the second largest city in Switzerland, Geneva is known for its Jet d’Eau, the United Nations and the Red Cross. It is only about 60 km away from Lausanne.
  2. Montreux: This city on Lake Geneva is known for its annual jazz festival and the Château de Chillon. It is about 30 km from Lausanne.
  3. Neuchâtel: A charming city with a beautiful lake and a medieval old town, about 75 km from Lausanne.
  4. Fribourg: A medieval city with an impressive old town, about 70 km from Lausanne.
  5. Bern: The capital of Switzerland with its UNESCO World Heritage Site is about 100 km from Lausanne.

Natural sites

  1. Lac Sauvabelin: An artificial lake that is a popular destination for Sunday walks.
  2. Parc Mon-Repos: A park located in the heart of Lausanne, modeled after an English landscape garden.
  3. Lavaux Wine Region: A UNESCO World Heritage Site with breathtaking vineyards and panoramic views of Lake Geneva.
  4. Rochers-de-Naye: A mountain with a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva and the surrounding Alps, accessible by rack railroad from Montreux.
  5. Creux du Van: An impressive natural rock circus near Neuchâtel, ideal for hiking.

Whether you choose cities or nature, you will surely have an unforgettable bachelor party in Lausanne and its surroundings.

Bachelor Party Lausanne
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Conclusion and FAQ

A bachelor party in Lausanne offers a wealth of options that are attractive to both men and women. The city offers a mix of culture, history, partying and nature that will delight any visitor.

Whether you’re planning a pub crawl through the city’s lively neighborhoods, indulging in one of the many top-notch restaurants, or exploring the breathtaking natural surroundings, Lausanne has something for everyone.

You are not sure yet if you want to celebrate your bachelor party in Lausanne? Then take a look at our other city programs: