In 2020, many had planned a wedding, that started especially with 20.02.2020 as a popular wedding date. But since 2020, marriages have gone rapidly downhill (in terms of numbers). The Corona virus has put a spanner in the works for many.

Along with this, the number of bachelor parties has also decreased. Because the typical wedding or bachelor parties are difficult to reconcile with Corona! We try to provide you in the following tips on the subject of Corona & bachelor party.


  • Traveling and partying with lots of people has become a risk – for you and your friends.
  • You cannot always celebrate a “normal” Bachelor Party, depending on the infection. So you can cancel it, postpone it or celebrate online.
  • We have suggestions for you, how you can also celebrate a bachelor party online 😉
  • Since it looks like (f*)Corona will stay for the time being, you have to take care of the safety of all guests (e.g. with the help of self-tests).

What Bachelor party alternatives are there?

The bachelor party seems compared to the past, like a celebration with handbrake. Corona is unfortunately on many levels a really modest virus! But cheer up, it also goes with and there are alternative options that are also fun!

  1. Online bachelor party: Yes it’s a stopgap, but not a bad one! So you gather armed with a laptop at a certain primal time. Everyone has a few drinks, a program is prepared and fun games are organized – this will be good too! And getting together online is better than nothing and with a little creativity it will be really fun! This is our recommendation
  2. You postpone the Bachelor Party: This is also an option. Because currently you can celebrate only limited. With a classic Bachelor Party you bring your best friends in danger! Therefore, you can simply postpone it by a few months. Due to vaccinations and the summer, it is likely that the situation will improve.
  3. Celebrate as you can: this may mean that there may be contact restrictions. You should ideally not be indoors and you should test yourself before celebrating. This is unfortunate.
Virtual party with friends
Virtual party with friends | ©Chaay_tee –

Is it allowed to celebrate bachelor parties during Corona?

If Germany or other countries are in a lockdown, it is simply not allowed. And even if the contact restrictions are reduced, you should ask yourself: Do you really want to run the risk of infecting your entire circle of friends and putting their health at risk? Is it worth it?

Question the following points for your decision:

  • How many infections are there in the area where the participants come from?
  • Traveling is basically a bad idea, during travel, accommodation and activities you come into contact with many fellow human beings, sit in crowded trains etc..
  • Partying is not the right thing to do considering many dead and sick. However, you don’t have to just mope either!
  • Is it even allowed to celebrate according to the resolutions of the federal government or the state government?

Party with Safety

You are celebrating with your best friends, so their safety and yours is a top priority. Even vaccinations don’t provide 100% safety, so for a bachelor-party celebration, keep these points in mind:

  • Test yourself: There are self-tests or tests according to the PCR method. Perform a test promptly before the party.
  • Self-assessment: if you don’t feel well and have corona symptoms, it’s better to stay home (unless a reliable PCR test has been done that rules out illness).
  • Distance + Hygiene + Mask: Keep your distance, hygiene (wash your hands) and everyday mask. Especially indoors, be careful.
  • Other people: Also remember that other people are not familiar with your hygiene measures and therefore should only party with you in well-ventilated areas.

What happens to booked trips?

For the bachelor party, there is a lot to plan, to reserve and also to book. Blanket answers, what happens with it are unfortunately not possible, because it depends on the individual case.

  • This applies to travel (bus, train, flight), activities (city tour, etc.), and accommodation (vacation home, hotel, etc.).
  • Be sure to check the cancellation policy of your booking. Is there a clause that applies to cancellation?
  • It is also a difference whether the organizer has canceled or whether you have done so.
  • Furthermore, it is significant whether you cancel a trip that goes to a risk area or not. Because then a free cancellation is usually possible.

In most cases, you have a legal claim to the money. This means that the organizer must pay it back to you. However, in many cases, there is currently a breach of law. In practice, many people are waiting for the refund of their canceled flight, etc. – even though the law is clearly on their side.  

Marriage should still be done!

Even if love “would last forever” many couples still want to get married and that’s a good thing! Because a wedding is much more than just a ring on the finger. It’s about how couples feel, but also about tax issues, etc. However, in these crazy times, a lot of things get mixed up and things happen completely differently than in a regular way:

  • The wedding ceremony at the registry office is allowed and is also performed. However, the permitted guests are severely limited. The normal scene, with family, witnesses and many guests are not in it. Here you must inform you per federal state what is possible.
  • A church wedding is also possible. However, with a minimum distance, without intimate hugs and singing along of those present.
  • The wedding celebration is also strongly restricted. There are regulations for this, which are unfortunately very restrictive, but necessary: Hygiene concept, number of participants, distance. Here, too, you need to find out per state.
  • The bachelor party is also very limited.
Bachelor Party & Corona
Bachelor Party Celebrations & Corona: A difficult combination! | ©Fokussiert –

Corona and Bachelor Parties are unfortunately not easy to reconcile. We think that’s just as bad as you do, but let’s make the best of it – we hope you will. Together we will get through this!