The cost of the bachelor party can quickly explode. A motley crew celebrates together. One has only a small budget and the other drinks everyone under the table. Then there’s the one who only goes to the most exclusive clubs and the one who is notoriously broke.

With the following tips, you’ll bring everyone under one hat and find an acceptable bachelor party cost breakdown. We also address whether the bachelor pays himself or is invited.


  • Clarify beforehand what financial resources everyone has available.
  • Costs must be divided among all participants, the only exception being the bride and groom.
  • Costs for travel to and from the event and possibly travel costs for the evening should be calculated precisely.
  • The program must be planned according to the available budget.
  • Do without food and accommodation if the budget is too tight.
Costs of a bachelor Party
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Who pays for the bachelor party?

The cost of the bachelor party is usually divided proportionally by all participants.

  • Basic costs should be prorated based on the number of participants. Base costs include the cost of drinks, entrance fees, costumes, decorations, and any cab rides between each location.
  • The cost for all participants includes all activities. This can be a table reservation in a club, the entrance fee to an event or the costs for certain program points.
  • If you order a stripper or a belly dancer, the expenses will be divided among all participants. This also applies if you are planning a disguise.
  • The cost of drinks will also be shared among all participants. But you should set up clear rules. If you think you have to invite someone at the bar, you have to pay for it yourself. The bride or groom are of course invited and pay nothing. They can decide for themselves whether they want to thank you with a round or two.

What are the costs?

A bachelor party can be quite expensive. There are ways to save money and ideas to reduce costs, but you have to reckon with these basic costs:

  • You’ll have to adjust the cost of travel to and from the event to fit your budget. You can’t fly to Mallorca or go on a pub crawl through Amsterdam if you’ve only budgeted 20 euros per person for travel. A local transport ticket is available from 5 euros upwards. If the destination is further away, you will have to calculate higher expenses. You can possibly reduce the expenses if everyone travels individually.
  • You decide for yourselves whether overnight expenses will be incurred. If the financial planning does not leave any room for maneuver, then the only option is to have a party on location. Depending on the location and season you have to start planning early to get an affordable room. Camping is available from 10 Euro per head. An overnight stay in a hotel is available from 45 Euro upwards.
  • A merry procession through the community with a few drinking games costs nothing extra. The visit of an event or a relaxation massage in a Wellnesstempel tear already a hole into the cash. Also the Stripper or the belly dancer lets itself pay their appearance decently. Between 20 and 50 euros for each you must plan.
  • For many, food plays a subordinate role at the bachelor party. The motto is “booze until the doctor comes”. Others, however, arrange for a private chef or reserve a table at a three-star restaurant. It is also important whether you spend the whole day or just the evening together. Expect to pay between 20 and 100 euros per participant.
  • The drinks usually blow up any budget and are on average about 30% of the total bachelor party costs. Of course, it also depends on how hard you drink. 50 euros should be considered at least. With a drink-firm round also the double.
  • The right disguise makes a bachelor party perfect. The photo book is also a fond memory. A theme T-shirt can be printed from 20 euros upwards. A complete costume costs at least 50 euros. A table bomb, streamers or the famous shard cost between 2 and 10 euros.

Calculation example costs for the bachelor party

Below you will find a small calculation example of the possible costs for the bachelor party (with an overnight stay), below the table an explanation.

Cost pointfavorableexpensive
Overnight stay10€75€

Whether the stag party will be expensive or cheap depends on these cost blocks:

  • Travel: Are you traveling by train or by plane? If it should not be too expensive, then the bachelor party should take place nearby.
  • Overnight stay: Will the overnight stay take place in a tent, with friends on the couch or in an expensive hotel?
  • Disguise: Is a T-shirt enough for you or should it be a whole costume?
  • Food: Will you cook together or should your palate be pampered in a restaurant, including wine?
  • Party: Will you have a house party, a bonfire or a club?
  • Program: Do you want expensive activities or a leisurely afternoon of handicrafts or a trip into nature?

So it’s up to you. Everyone should feel comfortable, so plan in such a way that it is affordable for everyone.

Who decides on the costs?

A good advice right from the start. You must make all decisions together. Going it alone is not a good idea for a bachelor party.

  • Create clear conditions. You should meet together in advance or organize a zoom meeting. Every cost item must be discussed. Remain realistic with every decision. At the beginning there should be a total amount. You should then divide this into the individual points accordingly.
  • Think about which items you can’t do without and which you can do without. It is important that all opinions are taken into account. You will probably have to make some compromises.
  • The bachelor party is something very special. Therefore, no one should be excluded from it. Be considerate if someone doesn’t have as much money available. It also does not matter what it costs, but that the bachelor party remains unforgettable.
  • With the right participants, the party can become a unique adventure even in your own backyard. Also always remember that it’s not about you, it’s about the bride and groom.

Bachelor party options from cheap to expensive

A bachelor party can go beyond all dimensions or be organized for a small price. First and foremost, you should have fun. There is an option for every budget.

  • The cheapest solution is a party in the garden or in your own living room. Here you need drinks, a barbecue and a program. You can even organize it yourself, with demonstrations or drinking games. As an alternative to the barbecue, everyone can contribute something to a buffet. In this case, 20 euros per head is enough.
  • The house party can also be combined with other activities. A bike tour in advance does not cost much more. You can also organize a scavenger hunt. Take a trial course in snowboarding in the ski hall. With a day pass at the wellness center, expenses remain manageable.
  • An evening pub crawl around town won’t incur high travel costs. Probably a local transport ticket is sufficient for mobility in the evening. Depending on the size of the group, you may need several cabs or a large-capacity cab. Nevertheless, transportation costs will hardly exceed the 20-euro limit.
  • A trip to the next big city, an overnight stay in a wellness hotel, a visit to a soccer match or a concert are in the middle price range. Here you have to reckon with at least 100 euros. A pub crawl or a planned evening program in the city will also cost you at least 100 to 150 euros.
  • An all-inclusive short trip to an attractive city offers a good and affordable basis and is available online for one to two nights from 100 euros. You can book the individual program points separately and adjust them to your remaining budget.
  • Upwards there are no limits to the price. The premium bachelor party brings you by plane to the Ballermann. Here costs arise around the 500 euros. Package deals are a little cheaper. Some airlines also offer a discount for group travel.
  • If that’s still not enough, you can also rent a thatched-roof house on Sylt and drink champagne and slurp oysters in Kampen. Cruises are also in vogue, taking you all-inclusive from Hamburg to Mallorca or from Barcelona to the Canary Islands. Prices start at 500 euros without any activities for the bachelor party.

Tips for a cheap bachelor party

The bachelor party can become a real party crasher even with a small budget. Good organization and early planning are the key. The following tips will help you.

  • If you only have a small budget, do not plan long trips. The longer it takes, the more costs you will incur. Limit the activities to one evening or one day and then all return home. Organize a large-capacity cab for the return trip. You can also end the day with a house party.
  • Travel and airfare costs really kick in. So stay local and look for activities nearby. You can create your own program. Have someone cook for you in your own home or camp out together in your own backyard. You can also have a private chef give you a culinary treat or plan a lingerie demonstration.
  • Private parties are often memorable when they are perfectly planned. You don’t have to outsource the party. Hire an entertainer or have a karaoke contest. Cook together or throw a theme party. Have a country-themed party and prepare a giant paella or grill kebabs on a spit and drink raki.
  • Nature offers you numerous possibilities for a fantastic bachelor party. A hike with individual program points would be a start. A bike tour is also possible if you adjust the alcohol consumption. If you want more action, organize a night hike, a covered wagon tour or a scavenger hunt through the nearby forest. In many communities you can also rent a barbecue hut.
  • A bachelor party must be planned early. The earlier you start planning, the better your options. Some things will even be cheaper if you organize them earlier. For travel, you can take advantage of the early bird discount. For events, the ticket selection is larger and each package can still be easily added.
  • If you are planning a pub or club tour, meet at home beforehand. Have a house or garden party beforehand and get drunk. This is much cheaper. With the right drinking games you can also make the way there an experience. You should already be well buzzed when you arrive at the club.

Be transparent about costs

Talk openly and honestly about your personal budget and calculate the costs in detail. Otherwise you’ll end up with a nasty surprise and the bachelor party will be a flop.

  • At the beginning there must be an open and honest discussion. Say clearly how much money you can invest. If an attraction should be too expensive, then look for favorable alternatives.
  • One person in the group has always made it and is swimming in money. He probably has different ideas than the rest. Then he can sponsor a part of the bachelor party from his pocket. But make it clear that not all participants have a fat bank account.
  • The groomsmen officially organize the bachelor party, but they should not do it alone. Especially not leave them alone with the financial responsibility. A deposit of all participants must be a matter of course.
  • Even after a mega bachelor party should be closed again briefly. The evening must have gone satisfactorily for all participants. This is especially true from a financial point of view. No one should be left sitting on costs and even unexpected costs must be divided among the participants afterwards.
  • Last but not least, a general advice. The bachelor party is an important event for the bride and groom. You should therefore make a lot of effort so that nothing goes wrong in the end and no misunderstandings arise. Talk to each other! You don’t plan a bachelor party via Snapchat or WhatsApp.