Everyone who has ever planned a stag party knows it: some don’t feel like dressing up, others are embarrassed by the vendor’s tray and still others insist on the must-have strip club program. But what makes your stag party perfect? Which activities are a must and which should you avoid?

To answer these questions, we take a look at studies and surveys that offer interesting insights into the preferences and trends surrounding stag parties in Germany.

Bachelor Party Stats
Source: Midjourney

Survey by WeddingWire 2019

Timing and duration:

  • Most bachelor and bachelorette parties take place in spring (43% for both) and summer (35% for bachelorettes, 42% for bachelors).
  • More than half of the women celebrate their hen party for at least two days, a third even for three or more days.
  • For stag parties, more than 60% are two or more days long, with a third celebrating for three or more days.

Number of participants and activities:

  • On average, 10 people attend a hen party, compared to eight for stag parties.
  • Popular activities include dinner and drinks (47% for stag parties, 55% for hen parties), dancing and clubbing (35% and 43% respectively) and pub crawls (32% and 30% respectively).


  • 92% of celebrations take place within the continental U.S., 8% internationally, with Hawaii the most popular destination for bachelors (2%) and the Caribbean for bachelorettes (3%).

Transportation and Lodging:

  • Nearly half of attendees are traveling by personal car (42% for bachelors, 48% for bachelorettes).
  • Hotels and resorts are the most popular accommodations, with nearly half of bachelors and 40% of bachelorettes staying there.


  • The average cost varies depending on the mode of transportation, length of celebration and accommodations.
  • About 40% of bachelorettes and 19% of bachelors spend less than $200.
  • The average cost for a one-day bachelor party is $813, and $317 for bachelorettes.

Study Design: The WeddingWire 2019 Bachelor & Bachelorette Study is based on responses from over 1,000 participants who attended bachelor and bachelorette parties and focuses primarily on celebrations within the United States, including some international destinations. The exact methods of data collection are not specified.

Statistics from Statista 2018

  • Dressing up: Around 35% of women and 27% of men do not want to dress up in a flashy or embarrassing way at a bachelor party.
  • Doing chores: Around 35% of women are against doing chores such as collecting kisses or selling condoms. Around 25% of men share this opinion.
  • Beautiful/unforgettable day for the bride/groom: Around 64% of women and 52% of men think it is most important that the bride or groom has a beautiful and unforgettable day.
  • Living it up before the wedding: Around 20% of men and 15% of women think it is important that the bride or groom can really live it up again.

Survey design: The study was conducted by Statista (and here) on the most unpopular activities at stag parties as an online survey in Germany in January 2018, with 1,025 people aged 18 to 65 being questioned.

Study by Splendid Research 2017

  • 44% of respondents have no regrets about their stag party
  • 45% of respondents say they drank too much
  • 25% of respondents would not celebrate a stag party
  • 22% of respondents feel disturbed by stag parties
  • Over 10% have already been kicked out of the club at a bachelor party

The 5 most popular activities:

  • 66% Drinking alcohol
  • 62% going out to eat
  • 53% going dancing
  • 41% Dressing up as the bride/groom
  • 25% Participants in love

Survey design: Online survey, Germany, 1,006 participants, 18-65 years, conducted by SPLENDID RESEARCH in May 2017.