A bachelor party should be a cool celebration and friends and usually is. However, there are other stories that end with hospital, jail and police. Don’t think so, then watch this. When the Hangover isn’t just a movie, but turns into its own real-life drama, it’s usually not all that funny anymore and that’s what our story is about today.

Grab a drink, buckle up and enjoy the show! But beware, not all stories are funny, some are silly, some are tragic!

Source: Midjourney

A kidnapping goes wrong: large-scale manhunt & SEK in action!

A bachelor party in Neubiberg near Munich triggered a massive police operation in March 2023, when four friends aged 34 to 39 tried to “kidnap” the groom to Mallorca. They masked themselves with balaclavas, put a bag over the groom’s head and dragged him into a car, which was observed by an 80-year-old witness and reported to the police as a kidnapping.

This led to a large-scale manhunt, in which even the SEK and a helicopter were involved. The car was finally stopped on the highway heading for Munich Airport, where it quickly became clear that it was a hoax. It is still unclear whether the men will have to bear the costs of the operation themselves, which amount to at least several thousand euros. Despite all the confusion, they managed to catch their flight to Mallorca, according to police.


Bachelorette party escalates to food fight and brawl!

A girls’ night out for a bachelorette party in Koblenz clearly went off the rails in July 2022. After considerable alcohol consumption, a group of six women performed such boisterous and disruptive behavior in a restaurant on Hohenzollernstraße that verbal altercations with the staff ensued.

When an attempt was made to order the partying ladies out of the restaurant, the situation escalated: two women, aged 25 and 51, attacked the staff, spitting and punching them, whereupon the staff threw food in their defense. By the time police arrived, the group had already moved away but could be stopped nearby. The 25-year-old main suspect had a breath alcohol content of 2.11 per mille. Both women received charges for assault and the entire group was banned from Koblenz city center.


Train trip ends in riot, bodily injury and arrest

Three men (59, 27, 24), who were attending a bachelor party, went on a rampage in an ICE train from Cologne to Düsseldorf in May 2022, assaulting several railroad employees. The drunken men from the Rhineland-Palatinate region were raucous and pushed a 38-year-old train attendant who had previously asked them to be quieter. When an engineer who was on his way home intervened, he was punched and kicked by the men, causing him to lose his balance and fall. Another train conductor and several passengers came to his aid.

The incident led to the train having to make an unscheduled stop in Düsseldorf-Benrath, where the federal police arrested the three men. Two of the attackers were taken into custody for lack of cooperation and to prevent further crimes. The three men are now under investigation for common assault and insult. The train driver and the second train attendant were injured and taken directly to a hospital. The originally pushed train attendant later also sought a hospital.


Bachelor party on Mallorca escalated: Wedding missed

A British groom has missed his own wedding after an escalating bachelor party in Mallorca in July 2021. During the celebration, the young Brit threw a motorcycle he had rented into the sea, which led to Spanish police arresting him. The judge in charge took away his passport and imposed a bail of 6,000 euros. As the groom was not able to pay the bail in time and due to the Brexit transfers from the UK take longer, he could not return to his home country for the wedding as planned.

As a result, the wedding had to be postponed, which presumably led to a rather upset bride. It is not known how exactly the bride reacted to the news. The young man was left with a probable hangover, 6,000 euros less in his bank account and a wedding that did not take place.


Bachelor party ends with several months in jail

A bachelor party on a plane ended with several months in jail for four British men. The group, which was on its way from Manchester to Las Vegas, caused trouble with excessive alcohol consumption and inappropriate behavior. They appeared drunk by the time they boarded, consumed alcohol they had brought themselves during the flight, fought and did push-ups in the aisle. After they refused to abide by the alcohol ban, a stewardess confiscated five liters of alcohol, which prompted the men to start a mob.

The crew then decided to make an unscheduled landing in Canada and remove the group. The 316 other passengers, including 12 children, had to wait about three hours before the flight continued. The four men were sentenced to two years and 19 months in prison, respectively, for drunkenness and violence on the plane.


Bachelor party on Mallorca ends for 13 German in jail

A group of 13 German men are in custody after a June 2019 party in Mallorca on suspicion of torching a bar under their hotel balcony. Witnesses reported noise and discarded cigarette butts hitting the reeded roof of the establishment. In addition, alcohol was allegedly poured onto the roof, causing it to catch fire.

The resulting fire caused significant property damage amounting to at least 150,000 euros and slightly injured two people. Six of the accused are said to be firefighters. They face prison sentences of several years if convicted of negligent arson. The judge in charge did not grant release on bail. The exact circumstances are still under investigation.


Bachelor bitten in tongue by snake

A 38-year-old man from Berlin was bitten on the tongue by an adder during a bachelor party in July 2020 in an alpine hut in Styria, Austria. The man had mistaken the baby snake for a worm and touched it with his tongue as part of a dare. After the bite, his throat swelled and he had to be treated by an emergency doctor and taken to the regional hospital in Wiener Neustadt, about 60 kilometers away.


Bachelor shoots coke dealer and goes to jail

A party in Wichita ended in first-degree murder in May 2009. Jeremy and Mike went out drinking alcohol with Mike’s younger brother, Robert, who was getting married the next day. When Mike decided he needed cocaine to spice up the celebration in Wichita, he called his old dealer Vincent. Unfortunately for the partying men, he had tried to get clean and hung up, which upset Mike.

The entire party crowd then confronted him and – to make a long story short – the cocaine dealer did not survive that incident. Jeremy received more than 11 years in prison for his role in the altercation and Robert (the groom) got 19 years.


Bachelor party ends fatally!

A tragic accident occurred during a bachelor party in July 2022 in Würzburg, Germany, when a 39-year-old man from Frankfurt am Main fell into the river on a bridge over the Main River and was later found dead. The exact circumstances of the accident are not known; alcohol consumption may have played a role. The man was not seen after the fall. The next morning, an angler discovered a lifeless body in the water and alerted police. Emergency personnel recovered the body and confirmed that it was the 39-year-old man from Frankfurt. Police are now investigating the exact circumstances of the incident.


Man dies in collision with bridge

A Detroit man has died after sustaining serious injuries when he stuck his head out the emergency exit – not the sunroof – of a party bus in June 2011. Salvator T., 24, was exuberantly celebrating at a friend’s bachelor party when he stood up to give a long joyous shout, no doubt, just as the bus passed under what appeared to be a very low-hanging overpass.

The overpass caused such severe head trauma that he immediately went into a coma when the bus detoured to the hospital. He was pronounced dead the next week due to his “massive head injuries.”


Bottom line: better a party with no regrets!

Some stories or the stories in the Hangover movies may be read as funny, but you don’t want to experience them. As you can read in our list, some also end very tragically. When immense damage is done, people get hurt or the bachelor party ends in jail, the fun stops.

You can definitely have a boisterous party without exceeding the limits of the law. Good planning and moderation are the keys here. Party wildly, but always maintain some sense of responsibility and respect for yourself and others. After all, the best celebrations are the ones you remember fondly and without regrets!