Are you planning an unforgettable stag party in Leicester? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this post, you’ll find out everything you need to know to organize the perfect stag do in Leicester. From unique activities to the best party spots, we’ve got you covered. So, are you ready to discover the secrets to a legendary stag party in Leicester? Let’s get started!

What makes Leicester special?

Leicester, a city with a rich history and a vibrant present, is the perfect place for an unforgettable stag party. But what makes Leicester so special? Well, not only is it home to the famous Leicester City FC, but it’s also a melting pot of cultures. You’ll find a colorful mix of historic landmarks like Leicester Cathedral and modern attractions like the National Space Centre. Leicester is known for its vibrant nightlife and diverse food scene. Here you can experience everything from a wild pub crawl to a relaxed evening in one of the many stylish bars. In short, Leicester offers a perfect balance of tradition and modernity, making your bachelor party unforgettable.

Leicester stag do
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Things to do in Leicester

  • National Space Centre: Imagine you’re astronauts on a mission! The National Space Centre offers you a galactic experience with interactive exhibitions and a breathtaking planetarium show. Ideal for space fans who want to make their stag night in Leicester an unforgettable experience.
  • Leicester City stadium tour: soccer fans take note! A guided tour of the King Power Stadium is an absolute must. Experience the home of Leicester City FC up close and feel the energy and history of this legendary place.
  • Historic pub tour: Discover the oldest and most characterful pubs in Leicester. Immerse yourself in the history of the city as you taste your way through a selection of local beers. Perfect for sharing stories in a cozy atmosphere.
  • Leicester Cathedral: For a quiet break, visit the impressive Leicester Cathedral. Admire the architecture and enjoy a moment of reflection before your next adventure.
  • Riverside Festival: If your bachelor party takes place in summer, the Riverside Festival is a highlight. Enjoy music, local food and the relaxed riverside atmosphere – ideal for celebrating and relaxing together.
  • Belvoir Castle: A day trip to the picturesque Belvoir Castle provides a fantastic backdrop for souvenir photos and is a wonderful contrast to city life. Explore the historic walls and enjoy the breathtaking views.
  • Climbing adventures in Beacon Hill Country Park: For the more adventurous among you, climbing in the great outdoors of Beacon Hill Country Park is a real highlight. Test your strength against nature and enjoy the thrill.
  • Leicester Market: Experience the hustle and bustle of one of the largest open-air markets in Europe. Browse through the stalls, sample local delicacies and perhaps find a souvenir or two.
  • Art gallery tour: Leicester offers numerous galleries for art lovers. A tour of the various exhibitions is a creative and inspiring way to explore the city.
  • Richard III Visitor Centre: Immerse yourself in the history of King Richard III at the Richard III Visitor Centre. Discover Leicester’s fascinating past and experience history up close.
  • Kayaking on the River Soar: For water sports fans, a kayak tour on the River Soar is an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery as you paddle down the river together.
  • Leicester Comedy Festival: If you’re in the city in February, the famous Leicester Comedy Festival is a must. Laugh together at shows by well-known and up-and-coming comedians.
  • Ghost tour: Explore the spookiest corners of Leicester on a night-time ghost tour. Perfect for a thrilling and unusual experience.
  • Diwali cultural festival: Take part in the colorful Diwali festival, one of the largest outside India. Experience the vibrant culture, music and delicious food.
  • Graffiti workshop: Be creative and design your own graffiti artwork in a workshop. A great opportunity to get creative together and create a unique souvenir.
  • Theme park visit: A day trip to one of the nearby theme parks offers fun and adrenaline. Perfect for anyone looking for thrills and entertainment.
  • Culinary cooking class: Learn how to prepare typical Leicester dishes – a treat for all foodies. A culinary cooking class is a great way to learn something new together and have fun at the same time.
  • Brewery tour: Discover the art of brewing beer at a local brewery and enjoy a tasting. Ideal for learning more about many men’s favorite drink.
  • Canal cruise: A relaxing boat trip along the canal is a great way to see the city from a different perspective and relax at the same time.
  • Escape room: Put your teamwork to the test and solve tricky puzzles together in an escape room. An exciting and challenging activity that will make your stag do in Leicester unforgettable.


  • Pub crawl: Explore the best pubs in Leicester. Perfect for kicking off the night and toasting with your friends. Each pub has its own charm and offers a great opportunity to experience the local beer culture.
  • Paintball: pure adrenaline! Put your skills and teamwork to the test in an action-packed paintball match. Ideal for anyone looking for a bit of competition and fun.
  • Photo shoot: Capture your stag party in Leicester with a professional photo shoot. A great way to capture the memories of this special day.
  • City rally: Discover the city in a fun way and learn interesting facts. A city rally is an entertaining way to explore the city and have fun at the same time.
  • Party bus: Celebrate on wheels and explore the city while the music plays. A party bus is a unique and exciting way to tour the city.
  • Crime dinner: Solve a thrilling case over dinner while enjoying a delicious meal. A murder mystery dinner is an entertaining combination of food and mystery fun.
  • Jewelry workshop: Create your own piece of jewelry as a souvenir of the stag party.
  • Bowling: classic fun that never gets old. Who can get the strike?
  • Karaoke evening: Sing your favorite songs and bring out the stars in you.
  • Go-kart racing: Compete on the race track and find out who is the fastest driver.
  • Spa day: Relax in one of the many spas in Leicester.
  • Golf: A round of golf is a relaxing way to spend the day.
  • Beer garden visit: Enjoy a cold beer in one of the cozy beer gardens.
Leicester Women's Bachelor Party
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Particularly popular with women in Leicester

  • Spa day: A relaxing spa day is the perfect way for women to pamper themselves before the big day. Enjoy massages, facials and relax in the sauna. Ideal for a hen party in Leicester to unwind and relax.
  • Afternoon tea: A classic afternoon tea is an elegant and enjoyable way to celebrate a hen party in Leicester. Delicious sandwiches, scones and a selection of teas – a real treat!
  • Shopping tour: Leicester offers great shopping opportunities. Spend the day on an extensive shopping tour through the city’s boutiques and stores. Perfect for dressing up for the big day or just having fun strolling around.
  • Creative workshop: Whether pottery, painting or jewelry making – a creative workshop offers the opportunity to create something beautiful together while having fun. A great memory of the hen party in Leicester.
  • Wine tasting: Enjoy a wine tasting and learn more about different types of wine. A stylish and enjoyable activity that is popular with many women and makes the hen party in Leicester a special experience.

Particularly popular with men in Leicester

  • Go-kartracing: A go-kart race offers thrills and fun. Perfect for a stag party in Leicester where speed and competition are paramount.
  • Brewing course: Take part in a brewing course and learn how to make your own beer. An interesting and fun activity that is popular with many men and makes the stag party in Leicester an unforgettable experience.
  • Soccer match: Attend a Leicester City soccer match or play a game of soccer yourself with friends. A great way to build team spirit and have fun.
  • BBQ boat trip: Enjoy a BBQ boat trip on the river. A unique combination of delicious food, cool drinks and a relaxing trip on the water.
  • Whisky tasting: Discover the world of whisky during a tasting. Get to know different varieties and enjoy the fine drops. A tasty and interesting experience for the stag party in Leicester Men.

Culinary ideas

Food miles in Leicester

  • St. Martin’s Square: Right in the heart of Leicester, St. Martin’s Square offers a variety of culinary experiences. From cozy cafés to exquisite restaurants – you’ll find it all here. The area is particularly popular for its relaxed atmosphere and variety of food.
  • Leicester Market: For those of you who want to experience the authentic Leicester, Leicester Market is a must. Here you can buy fresh, local produce while enjoying the lively atmosphere of a traditional British market.
  • Highcross Leicester: Highcross is not only a shopper’s paradise, but also a hotspot for foodies. With a wide selection of restaurants and fast food options, there is something for everyone.

Typical dishes in Leicester

  • Melton Mowbray Pork Pie: This traditional English meat pie is a classic in Leicester. Perfect for a snack between meals during your bachelor party in Leicester.
  • Red Leicester cheese: A tangy, hard-ripened cheese that goes perfectly with a glass of wine or as a snack in a local pub.
  • Samosas: Due to the diverse culture in Leicester, samosas are particularly popular here. These delicious triangular snacks are ideal for a quick snack on your stag party.

Famous restaurants in Leicester

  • Kayal: An authentic South Indian restaurant known for its exotic flavors and unique ambiance. Ideal for a culinary journey during your stag night.
  • The Case Restaurant and Champagne Bar: If you’re looking for an upscale experience, this restaurant is the perfect choice. Enjoy exquisite dishes and fine champagnes in a stylish setting.
  • Herb: A vegan and vegetarian restaurant that will also delight the meat lovers among you with its creative cuisine. A healthy and delicious option for your stag party.
Leicester Men's Bachelor Party
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Party in Leicester

Nightlife district in Leicester

  • The Cultural Quarter: This is where the creative heart of Leicester beats. With a variety of bars, theaters and art galleries, the Cultural Quarter is the perfect place for culture vultures. You can enjoy art here in the early evening hours with a drink in your hand and later party the night away in one of the stylish bars.
  • Braunstone Gate: Known for its lively atmosphere, Braunstone Gate is the ideal place for anyone looking for a good mix of traditional pubs and modern bars. Here you’ll find everything from cozy pubs to trendy cocktail bars – perfect for kicking off your stag party in Leicester.
  • St. Martins Square: If you’re looking for a more chic nightlife area, St. Martins Square is the place to be. With a selection of upmarket bars and restaurants, you can spend a stylish evening here and look forward to a night of elegance and fun.

Clubs and bars in Leicester

  • Club Republic: One of Leicester’s best-known clubs, ideal for those who want to dance into the early hours. With a variety of music genres and theme nights, there is something for everyone here.
  • The Cookie: A must for music lovers. The Cookie is known for its live music and offers an intimate atmosphere, perfect for enjoying an unforgettable evening with friends.
  • Manhattan34: A stylish cocktail bar known for its exquisite drinks. Ideal for a relaxed evening to start your stag party in Leicester.
  • The Shed: A popular meeting place for the local youth. Here you can meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere and dance to alternative music.
  • The Soundhouse: This club is known for its electrifying atmosphere and great live acts. A perfect place to dance the night away and experience unforgettable moments.

Places of interest

Leicester, a city with a rich history and vibrant culture, offers numerous sights that will make your stag party unforgettable. Here are some of the highlights:

  • National Space Centre: a must-see for space enthusiasts! The National Space Centre is home to the UK’s largest planetarium dome, impressive rockets and interactive exhibitions. Perfect for delving into the depths of space while staying in Leicester.
  • Golden Mile: Known for its authentic Indian restaurants and stores, the Golden Mile is the perfect place to discover exotic spices and culinary delights. A stroll along this street promises a feast for the senses.
  • King Power Stadium: An absolute highlight for soccer fans. Visit Leicester City’s home stadium and feel the excitement that prevailed here during the legendary 2016 Premier League season.
  • Leicester Cathedral: The final resting place of King Richard III is not only historically significant, but also architecturally impressive. A visit here is a journey into the city’s past.
  • King Richard III Visitors Centre: Delve deeper into the history of King Richard III and learn more about the fascinating discovery of his remains under a parking lot.
  • Grand Union Canal: A peaceful oasis in the middle of the city. The canal offers a tranquil walkway, ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoying nature.
  • Bradgate Park: Located just outside the city, this park is known for its deer and the ruins of Bradgate House. A perfect place for nature lovers.
  • Leicester Market: The largest covered open-air market in Europe. Here you can find everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to clothing and other products. An authentic Leicester experience!
  • #LastFriday at LCB Depot: For lovers of street food and culture. Enjoy delicious food, music and art – an ideal place to end the evening.
  • New Walk: This pedestrian zone is lined with bars and restaurants and leads to Victoria Park. A lovely walk with plenty of places to linger.
  • Phoenix Cinema: An independent cinema showing a variety of films and artworks. Ideal for movie fans and culture lovers.
  • Abbey Park: A park with historical significance, home to Leicester Abbey. Ideal for a relaxing day in the countryside.
  • Firebug: A popular bar that combines a relaxed atmosphere with a variety of events. Perfect for a casual night out.
  • University of Leicester Botanic Garden: A beautiful garden just outside the city center, ideal for a quiet stroll and enjoying nature.
  • The Bottle Garden: A stylish cocktail bar in St Martin’s Square. A must for lovers of well-mixed drinks.
  • St. Martin’s Square: A hidden gem with a variety of restaurants, bars and cafés. The perfect place to end your day in Leicester.
Leicester city center
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Planning tips

  • Plan early: You know what they say: the early bird catches the worm! This is equally true for a stag party in Leicester. Plan early to get the best deals and avoid stress.
  • Reservations: Whether it’s accommodation, restaurants or activities – book in advance! Leicester is a lively city and you don’t want to risk your favorite places being fully booked.
  • Budget planning: Think about what you want to spend. Leicester offers both budget and luxury options. A tip for savers: take advantage of group offers and book early. For those who want to splash out: Look for VIP packages at clubs or exclusive experiences.
  • Maintain flexibility: Be open to changes of plan. Sometimes the best experiences happen spontaneously!

Where to stay

  • Options: In Leicester, you’ll find everything from budget hostels to luxury hotels. Airbnb can also be a great option, especially for larger groups.
  • Location: Think about which neighborhood you want to stay in. Near the city center, you’ll always be in the middle of the action, close to bars, restaurants and sights. For quieter surroundings, you can also look a little further out.
  • Tip: Look for accommodation with group discounts or special offers for stag and hen parties. And remember: location can be crucial to getting the most out of your stay in Leicester!

Getting there/mobility

  • Getting there: Leicester is easily accessible. You can travel by train, bus or car. Think about what is most practical for your group.
  • Public transport: You can easily get around the city by bus and cab. A day pass for the bus can be a cheap option to stay flexible.
  • Alternative means of transportation: You can also rent bicycles or e-scooters for short distances. This is not only practical, but also fun!


To dress up or not to dress up – that is the question! At a stag party in Leicester, you can let your creativity run wild. Whether you opt for a funny costume or prefer to keep it simple depends entirely on your style and the planned program.

  • T-shirts: Personalized T-shirts are a popular and simple option. You can have them printed with funny sayings, the groom’s name or the date of the stag party. Not only will you be easily recognizable in the crowd, but you’ll also create a great souvenir.
  • Costumes: For the daring among you, costumes are a fantastic way to attract attention and get a laugh. From superheroes to movie characters – the choice is huge. Make sure you feel comfortable in your outfit and that it suits the weather and the planned activities.
  • Theme parties: Another cool idea is to choose a theme for the stag party in Leicester. Whether it’s an 80s party, a pirate adventure or a beach party – a common theme will bring extra fun and make your stag party unforgettable.

Alternatives and excursions

Leicester not only offers a lot to discover in the city itself, but also in the surrounding area. Here are some ideas for nearby excursions that will make your stag party unforgettable:

  • Nottingham: just a short train ride away, immerse yourself in the world of Robin Hood. Visit Nottingham Castle or enjoy the lively atmosphere in the pubs and bars.
  • Birmingham: This dynamic city is known for its vibrant arts scene, Bullring shopping center and canal districts – perfect for a day trip.
  • Stratford-upon-Avon: Immerse yourself in the world of Shakespeare in this picturesque town. Visit the birthplace of the famous poet or enjoy a boat trip on the River Avon.
  • Derby: A city with a rich industrial history. Visit the Derby Museum and Art Gallery or enjoy nature in the nearby Peak District.
  • Coventry: With its famous cathedral and historic city center, Coventry offers a fascinating mix of old and new.

There are also great excursion destinations for nature lovers:

  • Bradgate Park: a beautiful park, ideal for walks and picnics. Enjoy the views and keep an eye out for wildlife.
  • Rutland Water: A great place for water sports or cycling around the lake.
  • Foxton Locks: Marvel at the famous locks and enjoy a walk along the canal.
  • Market Bosworth: A charming village, ideal for a relaxing afternoon.
  • The National Forest: Discover walking trails, cycle paths and green countryside.
Leicester city center
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Conclusion and FAQ

Leicester is a real gem for an unforgettable stag do. With its mix of cultural attractions, lively nightlife districts and a variety of activities, the city offers something for everyone. Whether you’re planning a wild night of partying, exploring cultural highlights or just relaxing in the countryside, Leicester has it!

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