A Bachelor Party veil is a typical accessory for the bride. It symbolizes the separation from the family and is also supposed to keep evil spirits and demons away from the bride. The selection of veils is almost inexhaustible and you can easily make the bridal veil yourself.

Below we present you suitable accessories, tips for selection and popular stag party veils.

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Bachelor Party veils
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Coordinate your look

Pair the bachelorette party veil with a crown and matching sashes to have a complete and stylish look.

  • A crown gives the bride a sense of majesty and emphasizes her special status as a future wife.
  • Matching sashes can be chosen in the same color or pattern as the crown, helping to create a balanced and harmonious overall look.
  • A coordinated t-shirt for the girls’ party not only creates a sense of togetherness and creates memories.

Together, it makes for an outfit that stands out and puts the bride front and center. A crown and sashes are also a great way to add to the bachelor party color palette and visually bring the bride and her guests together.

What colors are popular?

As a rule, the bachelor party veil is white. White shades such as champagne or cream are also allowed. It all depends on whether you value traditions. Some brides choose a different color at the bachelor party because they already wear the white veil at the wedding.

Online, veils are usually only available in white shades. Some mail order companies also offer silver, gold, red and bluish bachelor party veils. However, the veil can be printed in different colors.

Which lettering for the bachelor party veils?

The following lettering is particularly popular:

  • “bride to be”
  • “bride”
  • “No longer to be”
  • “Forgiven”
  • “Team Bride or Team Bride”
  • “Last Fling before the Ring”
  • “Bachelorette Party or Bachelorette Party”
  • “Future Mrs.”
  • “Mrs. [Bride’s Last Name]”
  • “One Last Ride”
  • The Last Party 😉

You can of course have your own sayings printed on them. Personalized veils are available online starting at 12 euros. Simple bachelor party veils you can buy from 5 euros. For elaborate processed stag party veils you have to dig deeper into your pocket. There are from 20 euros.

What size veil?

The veil is reserved exclusively for the bride. When buying a veil, you should make sure that it fits the bride’s head circumference and hairstyle. Pinned veils are absolutely unsuitable for short hairstyles. Also veils with hairpieces are intended only for long hair. Here you also have to pay attention to the hair color. The color should be identical.

When buying you must also pay attention to the head size. With adjustable ribbons you are on the safe side. Usually veils are delivered within three working days. Customized bachelor party veils need a lead time of two to three weeks.

Some bachelor party veils can be individually adjusted to fit your head size. They have a built-in elastic band or Velcro closure. Velcro, however, has the disadvantage of coming loose during strong movements. They are less recommended for dancing or drinking games.

Bachelor party veil tinker yourself?

Often, the bachelor party veil is also self-made, because it should simply be unique. After all, you do not get married every day. A self-made veil is also a very special gift for the bride. All you need is suitable fabric and a ribbon or ring to attach it.

Necessary materials

  • 1m lace (e.g. Chantilly lace)
  • 1m ribbon (in the color of your choice)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Pins

Crafting instructions step by step

  1. Cut 1m of lace from the roll.
  2. Lay the lace on a smooth surface and fold it in the middle.
  3. Take the ribbon and place it in the middle of the folded lace.
  4. Pin the two ends of the ribbon to the sides of the lace.
  5. Sew the lace together along the folded line, making sure to sew the ribbon in as well.
  6. Leave a small slit open at the top of the lace so you can pin the veil onto the head.
  7. Pin the veil to your head and tie the ribbon at the nape.

Done! Now you have your homemade bachelor party veil. You can customize the color of the ribbon and add other embellishments to personalize the veil. Have fun with your craft!

Buy bachelor party veils

A bachelor party veil can be a great addition to the special day. There are many different types of veils available, from simple and plain styles to more extravagant and ornate options.

You can paint the veil. All the guests can write their name on it. Iron-on motifs are also possible. In craft stores you can get numerous small stickers in the form of diamonds and shiny pearls. This spices up the veil even more.

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