Bachelor party buttons are a cool and trendy accessory for the special day. They can be designed with funny sayings, inscriptions or even photos of the bride and her guests. These buttons are a great way to emphasize the sense of togetherness and make a nice memento of the bachelor party.

In the following article, tips on design, selection and popular buttons are presented.

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Combine your buttons with your motto

You have a bachelor party coming up and want a unified and stylish look? Then combine your pins with other accessories like t-shirts, headpieces and fun accessories.

  • Choose the same color and match your pins with it. This way you will get a harmonious and appealing look.
  • Also, make sure that the sayings on the pins have a common theme to strengthen the sense of togetherness.
  • Personalize your pins with the bride’s name or the date of the bachelorette party.

A well planned and combined outfit with pins, t-shirts and other accessories will make you coherent as a group and is the best preparation for the final boss!

Sayings for the Bachelor Party buttons

The selection of bachelor party buttons is manageable. They are usually pre-made and have the following imprints:

  • “Bachelor Party Society”
  • “Team Bride or Team Groom”
  • “Bride Crew or Groom Crew”
  • “Bride to be”
  • “Team [groom’s name]”
  • “Let’s celebrate [groom’s name]”
  • “[Groom’s name]’s Last Ride”
  • “One last night of freedom”
  • “Goodbye [groom’s name], Hello [bride’s name]”
  • “We’re celebrating [groom’s name]’s last night as a bachelor”
  • “We’re making [groom’s name] a man”
  • “One bachelor, many stories”

You can also have the Bachelor Party pins personalized. However, this is only worth it if you have a larger group. The fewer pins you have made, the more expensive they will be. Some online retailers also offer the personalized Bachelor Party buttons in combination with veils or sashes.

Costs, variants and Co.

  • Simple variants for sticking are available in packs of ten from 2.50 euros. Bachelor Party buttons with pin fasteners cost from 1 euro per piece.
  • Some online retailers offer multipacks. In addition to the buttons for the bachelor party, these also include bracelets and headdresses. Packs for 10 people are available from 19.95 euros. The good thing about these bulk packs is that they can be had much more cheaply. Another advantage is the interplay of patterns and colors. The downside is that you can’t personalize these packs. You’ll have to go with the existing offerings.
  • The color selection is limited, because men often do without these accessories. Therefore, the colors are more adapted to the female taste.
  • The sizes vary and are usually based on the common pin sizes between 32 and 58 millimeters.
  • Some retailers also have plain and neutral Bachelor Party buttons on offer. You can write on them yourself with a waterproof pen. Depending on the size, the Bachelor Party pins can also be glued on. Here you can give free rein to your creativity.
  • There are also elaborately designed Bachelor Party buttons in the form of brooches or winner badges. These cost at least three euros each and can be printed individually. But you can make such badges yourself without much effort.

Craft your Bachelor Party button yourself!

You can also make your own Bachelor Party buttons. However, you need a “button machine”, which combines both sides of the buttons. The alternative is to simply label the buttons.

Just label the buttons

  • Just think about a cool saying or motto. This can be used for all buttons.
  • Also a nice icon is a good idea, can any of you paint well? 😉
  • Choose either a dark color and light pens or a light color and dark pens.

Make your own buttons

You can also make the buttons with a button machine, here’s how:

You will need these materials:

  • Button machine
  • Button parts (back and front)
  • Printing paper for the printer
  • Scissors
  • Photo or design to be printed on the button

Here’s how to do it step by step:

  1. Print the photo or design on printing paper
  2. Cut the printed design to fit the size of the button exactly.
  3. Place the back of the button on the back of the button machine and place the front of the button on top.
  4. Places the printed design in the center of the front of the button.
  5. Close the button machine to secure the design between the two pieces.
  6. Carefully remove the button machine and check that the design is properly attached.
  7. Attach the button to your clothing and carefully open a beer or bottle of champagne and go! 😀

Tip: Fold pendant

  • The napkin technique is also suitable as a basis. All you need are sheets of paper in different colors and crepe paper. The different parts are held together with glue.
  • The self-made Bachelor Party badges can be labeled with a waterproof pen and a stencil itself.

Buy Bachelor Party Buttons online

You can buy Bachelor Party buttons if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to personalize your bachelor party. Below you’ll find a selection of popular buttons.

Bachelor Party buttons are a good and cheap alternative to sashes. They symbolize the togetherness of the guests. At a late and humid hour, they ensure that no one gets lost.

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